New Nintendo Wii U System Update Coming for E3

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The Xbox One and PS4 have received several system updates in recent months, but a new Nintendo Wii U system update doesn’t come around nearly as often. Timing the latest update to hit just as E3 rolls around was a shrewd move too, considering the E3 2014 limelight will likely be focused on Microsoft and Sony all week.

Nintendo’s latest Nintendo Wii U system update includes a variety of changes that Wii U owners have been asking about, largely tied to the actual user experience. The most notable change in the June Nintendo Wii U system update is the addition of a Quick Start Menu for the Wii U GamePad controller.

Once owners download the Wii U system update, console owners who start the Wii U with the GamePad controller can view a Quick Start Menu that displays the icons for the 10 most-used games and Wii U apps. From there, players can select the game or software they want to launch, and it will load simultaneously with the Wii U start-up sequence.

The June Nintendo Wii U system update includes four additional features:

  1. System updates can now be downloaded and installed when the Wii U console is in standby mode
  2. Full-screen alerts and notifications can be displayed on the GamePad controller to tell Wii U owners about new updates and game releases. These updates are present even if the Wii U is in standby mode.
  3. It’s now easier to setup a Nintendo Network ID for new users
  4. Notifications can now be accessed from the Home Menu as well as the Wii U Menu

This new June Nintendo Wii U system update doesn’t include any special E3 apps or content (maybe for E3 2015?), but the Quick Star functionality and notification updates are nice to see.

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