Pushmo World Wii U Game in Development

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Nintendo has apparently seen the glowing Pushmo reviews for 3DS and decided to “push” more Pushmo onto the gaming community. The company today announced a Pushmo World Wii U game is nearing the end of its development and will be available in the eShop June 19.

It doesn’t sound like the Pushmo World Wii U version will re-invent the wheel. Like its Nintendo 3DS predecessors Pushmo and Crashmo, Pushmo World will have players push, pull and climb blocks to solve puzzles. Since this is the first time a Pushmo game has appeared on a home console, those puzzles can be amped-up a bit, and their numbers will increase as well. Pushmo World for Wii U will include more than 250 new puzzles.

Aside from HD graphics and new puzzles, what separates Pushmo World from the other games in the series is a new World Pushmo Fair. The World Pushmo Fair is an in-game hub of sorts from which players can share and download new puzzles.

Sharing puzzles doesn’t mean players will be creating their own, however. In the World Pushmo Fair, players will find new puzzles created by the game’s developers. If players find a puzzle they love, they can leave feedback and give it a friendly “Yeah!” in Miiverse.

In Pushmo World, players are tasked with solving 3D block-based puzzles by moving blocks to climb to the top of structures. As the game progresses, the puzzles get larger and more complex, with some massive, screen-filling creations resembling familiar objects, animals and even classic Nintendo characters.

Knowing that some players will be new to Pushmo World Wii U, the game will include a collection of training levels that players can use to hone their puzzle-climbing skills. The game also features a time-rewind option that lets players undo mistakes. This forgiving feature rewards players for being smart thinkers, rather than forcing them to restart a complex puzzle for making a hasty move. if players are stuck on a particularly tough puzzle, they can skip ahead to the next one.

In addition to the numerous puzzles included in the game, Pushmo World features almost endless replay value by letting players create their own puzzles using a selection of tools in Pushmo Studio. Once completed and solved by the creator, the puzzles created in Pushmo Studio can be shared using multiple options: Players can use the built-in QR Code generator to create QR Code patterns for each puzzle they create, or they can send their custom puzzles to the World Pushmo Fair, where players from all around the world with broadband Internet access can play and rate them. Players can also browse the fair to play and collect puzzles created by other players around the world.

If you’re not familiar with Pushmo and Crashmo, you can get to know the games at a special rate now through June 13. Nintendo has discounted the price for both Pushmo and Crashmo in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS.

The Pushmo World Wii U game will launch exclusively in the Wii U Nintendo eShop June 19 for $9.99.

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