Stealth Inc. 2 for Wii U to Release Holiday 2014

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The original Stealth Inc., also known as “Stealth Bastard” on PC, has been downloaded more than 1 million times. So hearing Stealth Inc. 2 for Wii U will ship in Q4 is intriguing. The action-adventure game’s sequel doesn’t classify as an “indie game,” exactly, but it’s certainly not the major-release that a Nintendo console would often get during the holiday shopping season.

The original game introduced players to the trap, laser and death filled test chambers of the nefarious PTi industries, charging them with completing puzzles and platforming challenges across 80 different levels.

Stealth Inc. 2 for Wii U continues that story, but it doesn’t require knowledge of the original’s plot to follow the new narrative. Fans of the original will appreciate the sequel’s heavily expanded world — including test chambers with a “Metroidvania”-style overworld — while series newbies will just like the environment in general.

In Stealth Inc 2, players return to the dark corridors of PTi Industries in Stealth Inc 2, but this time they aren’t limited to test chambers – they have full run of the facility, breaking into chambers and exploring an op

Probably the biggest news about Stealth Inc. 2 for Wii U is that it will include a co-operative mode. Co-op in Stealth Inc. 2 will use the Wii U GamePad. Details are still somewhat limited as to how publisher Curve Digital will pull that off, but we’re bound to learn more soon.

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