Secret Ponchos for PS4 Set to Mosey onto PC Too

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The Spaghetti Western Secret Ponchos made a high-profile PS4 debut at Sony’s E3 2013 press conference, one of a dozen more more games that showcased Sony’s care for the indie community. Now it looks like the Secret Ponchos PS4 release date is going to be shared with Windows PC devices as well.

Yep, I reckon you heard that right. Secret Ponchos, an arena-style multiplayer combat game, will mosey onto both the PS4 and PC later this year.

There’s no word yet on the Secret Ponchos release date, but a Secret Ponchos beta is scheduled for this summer via Steam Early Access. Details about the beta program — number of levels, number of modes, specific modes and number of playable (testable?) characters — hearing that there’s a beta is good news.

It’s unclear whether the Secret Ponchos PS4 version will also get a beta, but it doesn’t sound likely.

In a statement announcing the PC version, the developers at Switchblade Monkeys said “It’s important to get as many hands on the game as possible during beta. Early Access will help them do that, while the additional balance and polish will carry over to PS4 and the final PC version.”

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