Peggle 2 Xbox 360 Release Date: May 7 Worldwide

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Late April and early May always end up tough for gamers. The holidays are past, the March game releases are gone, and the late-summer games are a long way off. So hearing that the Peggle 2 Xbox 360 release date is May 7 worldwide is music to many Xbox 360 owners’ ears. Particularly those who are Peggle fans.

PopCap Games is putting the finishing touches on Peggle 2 for Xbox 360. One of the most notable updates is making sure the lovable Peggle Masters that players have gotten a chance to work alongside a new competitive mode. Yep, the Peggle 2 Xbox 360 release date will mark the first time Xbox 360 gamers will get to experience a multiplayer Duel Mode.

In the Peggle 2 Duel Mode, players can challenge their friends on the couch or online.

Peggle 2 has seen the Duel Mode in the first installment of Xbox One DLC, which has already released. In a Smart Match, a private match or just relaxing on the couch, players can compete against each other on the same board and take turns shooting pegs and demolishing bricks in an ultimate test of Peggle skill.

So, which mighty Peggle Master will you pick? And who will reach the heights of Extreme Fever first? You’ll have to play Duel Mode to find out.

“With all the excitement from our fans in December at launch we knew we wanted to continue growing the Peggle universe starting with more content and then expand onto the Xbox 360,” said John Vechey, General Manager at PopCap Games. “By offering the addition of Duel Mode, our fans will be able to challenge their friends continuously to find out who is the ultimate “Peggle Master.'”

Just as in the classic original, Peggle 2 combines elements of pinball, pachinko and billiards and adds liberal doses of whimsy, fun, excitement and challenge – not to mention rainbows and a fifth of Beethoven.

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