BioWare Releases First Next-Gen Mass Effect Video

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BioWare is known for creating epic role-playing games, highlighted in recent years by the Mass Effect series. When the PS4 and Xbox One released last year, gamers worldwide were hoping for some glimpse of a next-gen Mass Effect. BioWare kindly obliged at E3 last week.

The two caveats to the next-gen Mass Effect video below are that the game has no release date, and the specific platforms haven’t yet been announced. So, while it’s nice to see an all-new next-gen Mass Effect in prototype form, it’s a bit too early to get excited about an imminent release date.

BioWare’s Casey Hudson, whose first real “coming out” was with the first game in the Mass Effect trilogy, does drop a few hints in the video about what we can expect from the next-gen Mass Effect. For starters, a voiceover portion of the video refers to the “new consoles” (plural), indicating that the next Mass Effect won’t be exclusive to PS4 or Xbox One.

Unless Sony or Microsoft ponies up serious cash, which frankly isn’t outside the realm of possibility. The original Mass Effect was exclusive to the Xbox platform and only later came to the PlayStation.

The next-gen Mass Effect video also indicates that the game world will be larger than that of the original trilogy. Whether it goes MMO-like in scale is still anyone’s guess, but some expansive online co-op would certainly be welcome even if it doesn’t approach WoW in scope.

Just please no monthly fee, OK BioWare?

The video below shows “conceptual prototype” video footage of the next-gen Mass Effect, as well as some teaser footage from an unannounced new franchise BioWare is working on.

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