Criterion Games’ Next Title: Helicopters, ATVs and Wingsuits

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Criterion Games has always been a studio to watch, primarily because they focus on delivering great gameplay. The fact that their games happen to look awesome is gravy. But Criterion Games’ next title won’t follow in the studio’s history of car-based games. In fact, the focus isn’t on cars at all.

Say what?

In actuality, Criterion Games’ next game is looking at vehicles on the whole, including air- and water-based ones. Imagine the craziness that will ensue with Criterion finding new ways to unleash havoc on or with a jet ski, helicopter, wingsuit, motorcycle or boat.

Considering the mayhem of Criterion’s previous Burnout games, I shudder to think about the hours of sleep I’ll lose playing whatever it is they’re working on next.

Criterion was relatively absent at E3, which was a bit disappointing considering they’re bound to do great things on the PS4 and Xbox One. Fortunately the studio wasn’t completely quiet, choosing to release the video below just as the show was winding down.

Apparently a lot’s been going on at Criterion as of late, from a major office remodel to getting permission to think completely outside the Burnout box. It’s clear that the next-gen consoles have given Criterion a lot of flexibility in deciding what vehicular vixens to present to gamers next.

Me? I just want to get my hands on Criterion Games’ next title as soon as possible. Burnout’s one of my favorite series, so to see that its developers’ next outing involves air, land and sea is just outstanding.

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