Games with Gold August 2014 Free Games List Detailed

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Microsoft has announced the Games with Gold August 2014 free games list, and Xbox 360 owners in particular should be very pleased. Of the two free Xbox 360 games in August, one is an absolute must-own. Xbox One owners aren’t left in the dark, however, with one of the August 2014 free games being a former Xbox One launch title.

The Xbox One Games with Gold for August surprisingly lasts all month, as both free games will be available from Aug. 1-31. Xbox 360 owners will see the expected two free Games with Gold in August, but they’ll be released on the traditional two-week cycle.

Of the two free Xbox One games, Crimson Dragon is the most surprising, if for no other reason than it was a high-profile Xbox One launch title. The game is the spiritual successor to Panzer Dragoon, an on-rails shooter that did well on Xbox 360. In this Xbox One version, players can team-up with up to three other players for online co-op battles on their dragons. Crimson Dragon includes six majestic draconian steeds, each of which can be leveled-up as you progress through the story. For audiophiles, the Crimson Dragon soundtrack was done by Panzer Dragoon composer Saori Kobayashi.

The second Games with Gold August 2014 free Xbox One game is Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut. This game began as a Kickstarter-funded project and was actually the first game in the ID@Xbox program. In the game, players assume the role of a pilot whose role is arguably small in some epic background battles. Unlike Crimson Dragon, Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut is much more of a space-sim than a fantasy flying experience.

On the Xbox 360 front, the Games with Gold August 2014 lineup is actually more impressive. With all due respect, any free-games lineup that includes Dishonored is going to beat the competition. It’s just too bad Xbox 360 owners have to wait until the second half of the month to nab it.

From Aug. 1-15, Xbox 360 owners can download Motocross Madness, a re-imagined console version of the beloved off-road motorcycle racing game from PC. Racing against the clock (or other racers) is just a small part of the game, as you can perform stunts, run through obstacle courses or just tootle around exploring the game’s huge maps.

The real gem in the Games with Gold August lineup is available from Aug. 6-31, as Xbox 360 can download Dishonored for free. This steampunk stealth/action title lets players take-out the bad guys however they see fit, whether guns blazing or completely stealthily. Dishonored gives players an arsenal of gadgets, weapons and magical powers to choose from, giving you complete freedom to play the game how you want (think “Deus Ex”).

As a reminder, the games on the Games with Gold August 2014 free games list go live in a couple of days, so grab the July Games with Gold titles fast if you haven’t already. Xbox One owners should pay particular attention to that missive, as Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is one of the console’s best games. Seriously.

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