King of Wushu in Development for Xbox One

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The martial arts scene had a bit of a mainstream re-awakening years ago with the release of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and the fantastical wushu style hasn’t really lost traction. For instance, a new game called King of Wushu is currently in development for Xbox One and PC that brings the martial art into the realm of arena combat.

King of Wushu is a multiplayer online battle arena game coming from a company known for those titles. Snail Games has an extensive library of martial arts games, of which King of Wushu will be the latest.

King of Wushu takes the traditional world of Chinese martial arts to the battle arena utilizing the latest CryEngine 3 game engine. Developed by the same studio as its predecessor, Age of Wushu, the upcoming game will feature stylized graphics in a full 3D environment and mix elements of MMOs with third-person shooter mechanics.

The game is set during the chaotic days following the fall of a great emperor. In this perilous time, the greatest champions of martial arts gather from the far corners of the land to demonstrate their prowess. The arena beckons them to glory and fame, as they struggle to become the King of Wushu.

King of Wushu pits players in five-on-five matches across a battle map. The objective of each is to defend your own base and defeat the opposing team’s. Fans of any modern shooter should recognize that capture-the-flag construct.

Some of the new multiplayer online battle arena dynamics in King of Wushu include dodging, jumping and attack combos.

Snail Games did not announce a King of Wushu release date for Xbox One or PC.

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