Project Spark Release Date: Early October for Xbox One

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The Xbox One-exclusive game Project Spark is in a seemingly unending beta, but with the Project Spark release date coming in early October, Microsoft has indicated that the beta will, in fact, transition to a final game at some point.

Project Spark is a world-creation game not unlike Sony’s PlayStation-exclusive LittleBigPlanet. The game allows players to design and create a world using in-game tools and props, then use an artificial-intelligence system to build environmental, movement and avatar logic to create a full-fledged game.

All of this world-creation goodness will hit in early October. The Project Spark release date is Oct. 7 in the Americas, Oct. 9 in Asia-Pacific countries and Oct. 10 in Europe.

The Xbox One disc edition, dubbed the “Project Spark Starter Pack,” will be loaded with an incredible collection of premium content for $39.99 (USD), which includes: the first sci-fi pack “Galaxies: First Contact,” the warrior champion Sir Haakon “Hawk” the Knight, “Champions Quest: Void Storm,” the first episode of an epic campaign adventure, and more.

The Project Spark Starter Pack will provide immediate access to some of the best paid content, features and add-ons in a single package. If you want to pre-order Project Spark, you can do so via Amazon.

If you’re not a big disc person, all the content included in the disc version will also be available digitally for Xbox One and Windows 8.1 on launch day.

Gamers who have been playing, creating and unlocking parts of the existing beta on Windows 8.1 or Xbox One will simply receive an update. All credits, creations and favorite levels will remain intact when the Project Spark release date rolls around in October.

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