Titanfall Xbox 360 vs Xbox One Framerate: Only Difference

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EA and Respawn are scheduled to release Titanfall for Xbox 360 next week, but not a soul has seen a screenshot or gameplay video. This has predictably fueled the Titanfall Xbox 360 vs Xbox One debate, with some gamers claiming EA’s hiding something from “last-gen” console owners.

According to a post by Daryl Allison, Senior Producer at Bluepoint Games, the developer of Titanfall for Xbox 360, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Allison doesn’t address why neither EA nor Bluepoint has released a screenshot, but he implies that the only difference between Titanfall Xbox 360 and Titanfall Xbox One is the framerate.

Allison says that “Titanfall on the Xbox 360 is the true experience: all the maps, modes, pilots, titans, weapons, burn cards, you name it, found in the Xbox One and PC versions. The game looks great, sounds great, and above all it plays great.”

So far, so good. Looks like the Titanfall Xbox 360 vs Xbox One debate has no merit, right? Not necessarily.

The post goes on to say that Titanfall Xbox 360 maintains a consistent framerate “above 30fps.” By comparison, the game on Xbox One runs at 60 frames per second. Some concessions were bound to be made in the Xbox 360 port; the older hardware doesn’t have the same horsepower and Microsoft’s next-gen console. However, hardcore gamers may take issue with having Titanfall Xbox 360 run at “only” 30 frames per second, as 60fps is seen as ideal for shooters.

This framerate disclosure is both good and bad. It’s bad because it may make the Titanfall Xbox 360 experience seem slow and rather anti-climactic for such a high-profile game. With Titanfall Xbox One review scores being solid but not “best game ever” in nature, any sort of detraction could engulf the Web in flame wars.

Yet knowing the Titanfall Xbox 360 vs Xbox One debate apparently only comes down to framerate is good news because it indicates Bluepoint has retained the textures, skins and other details from the Xbox One version. With that said, having not seen a single screenshot for the Xbox 360 version — and we just checked EA’s press site again prior to publishing this article — we’ll believe it when we see it.

Conspiracy theorists will take one of two sides. Is EA trying to hide a massive graphical drop-off prior to the game’s release to avoid scaring away sales? Or, is EA trying to do Microsoft a favor by not showing that Titanfall Xbox 360 looks just as good as the Xbox One version — even though the hardware is almost a decade older? Let us know in the comments below which side of the fence you fall on, or whether you think there’s yet another reason nobody’s seen screenshots. Deciding the Titanfall Xbox 360 vs Xbox One debate won’t likely be resolved until both versions are in the wild, but it does seem a bit odd to have not at least been able to see how they compare visually when the Xbox 360 version is less than one week its April 8 release date.

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