Warframe Xbox One Version Free to Play with XBL Gold

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The indie-focused ID@Xbox program got a little screen time at E3 last week, but within that limited time we saw a ton of games on display. Lost in the shuffle was the announcement that a Warframe Xbox One version is in the works and will release later this year.

Warframe is currently available for PC and PlayStation 4.

The reason a Warframe Xbox One version is specifically worth calling out is because it’s a free-to-play action game. Previously, the Warframe PS4 version got all the attention for being a free-to-play PS4 game, thus showing PS4’s superiority over Xbox One in its gamer friendliness.

With the free-to-play model making its way to Xbox One, that superiority may be starting to level out. At least on that front.

Warframe is currently the fastest-growing AAA free-to-play game. When it releases later this year, Warframe Xbox One will be one of the first games released through the ID@Xbox program. A specific Warframe Xbox One release date hasn’t yet been announced.

The Warframe Xbox One version will also be Free-to-Play with Gold, meaning all Xbox Live Gold subscribers will be able to download and play the game for free. Additional Warframe DLC will come at a cost, but the core game will be free.

Players are introduced to Warframe as newly awoken Tenno warriors, thrust into a universe at war and armed with ancient exo-skeletal technology only they can operate. These Warframes bring unimaginable power and skill to the Tenno and provide players with unique offensive and defensive powers to explore and master. Players go solo or band together in squads of 4 to complete co-op based raids to locate ancient artifacts that will help customize and upgrade their Warframe and weapons.

Often described as “MMO light” with an emphasis on cooperative play and clan-building, Warframe Xbox One include all the social connectivity and community-building features of the current game. This will include a Game DVR by which players can capture their greatest Warframe moments and share them with friends via Xbox Live.

Players looking for bragging rights will find them with the many Xbox Achievements and Hero Stats. Second screen functionality through Xbox One SmartGlass will be utilized with the Warframe Nexus App for Windows Phone, iOS and Android. This companion app provides players with pertinent real-time game information and stats such as Alerts to critical missions and the Codex, which provides key data on all the Warframes, weapons, Mods and more to help players strategize their play.

Here’s a video of the Warframe Xbox One version in action.

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