Watch Dogs Bad Blood DLC: Release Date, First Details

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Ubisoft has taken the wraps off the next installment of DLC for Watch Dogs, and it’s a meaty one. The Watch Dogs Bad Blood DLC will consist of 10 campaign missions that focus on the hacker T-Bone. Those missions are closer than you might think, too, as the Watch Dogs Bad Blood DLC release date is Sept. 23.

Sort of. That release date is for Watch Dogs Season Pass holders. Gamers who haven’t already purchased the Season Pass will have to wait until Sept. 30.

If you want to get the Bad Blood DLC early, you can still purchase the Season Pass now and also get the “Access Granted Pack” and “Conspiracy!” Digital Trip.

Bad Blood is comprised exclusively of a new story campaign starring T-Bone, an eccentric hacker whom players first met in the main Watch Dogs campaign. Bad Blood marks the first time T-Bone is a playable character.

The Bad Blood campaign tells T-Bone’s story across 10 new missions. Not surprisingly, the missions are set in various locations around Chicago, where the main campaign takes place.

The premise of the Bad Blood campaign is that T-Bone has infiltrated Blume one last time after the main events of the story so he can plant a false trail in their system. Before he can disappear from the grid, he receives a panicked phone call from Tobias Frewer, a former colleague from Blume’s ctOS prototype days. Putting his own escape at risk, T-Bone decides to help, but quickly realizes the details of his old friend’s story aren’t adding up.

Sure sounds like a setup to me, and certainly a plot worth watching unfold.

In addition to the 10 story missions, the Watch Dogs Bad Blood DLC also includes new “Street Sweep” contracts. These contracts are dynamic side missions that offers players new challenges and are all playable in co-op mode. The co-op aspects can be played with a friend or publicly, which is a first for Watch Dogs.

The popular online “Hacking” and “Tailing” modes, as well as the ctOS Companion App, are also fully playable as T-Bone in Watch Dogs Bad Blood.

No DLC would be complete without some weapons and perks, and Bad Blood doesn’t disappoint. Rounding out its add-on content are some exclusive weapons, perks and outfits, including T-Bone’s remote-controlled car, which can be upgraded with both offensive and defensive perks.

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