Watch Microsoft E3 2014 Press Conference Live Online

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For years now Microsoft has kicked-off E3 with a media briefing, teeing things up for the rest of its time at the annual trade show in downtown Los Angeles. That tradition continues today, as Xbox owners and fans will tune in at 9am PST to watch Microsoft E3 2014 press conference live online and learn about what’s in store for this year’s E3.

E3 2013 wasn’t kind to Microsoft, so the company will be looking to turn it around. Last year saw a menagerie of missteps, from an Xbox One price unveiling that turned out to be $100 higher than the competing PS4 to an always-online requirement that was eventually reversed.

E3 2014 will welcome Microsoft tomorrow in no more hospitable an environment. The PS4 has trounced the Xbox One in sales for seven months, and gamers and the gaming press are well aware that the Xbox One price drop goes into effect today almost as a sign of desperation. Striking first in the E3 media briefing battle can be useful, but last year it blew up in Microsoft’s face.

Some of it was self-inflicted last E3, but some was not. For its E3 2014 press conference, Microsoft will surely go on the aggressive to help right the PR ship. Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners can watch the Microsoft E3 2014 press conference live on their console. For those who aren’t near a sofa or there in LA, they’ll have to watch Microsoft E3 2014 press conference live online at this link.

The Microsoft E3 media briefings traditionally start off with game trailers. Our money for E3 2014 is the Microsoft press conference opening with Call of Duty: Advanced Warware, then maybe going into The Witcher 3 or The Elder Scrolls Online, and ending with something from Halo 5. That’s all wishful thinking, of course, and it obviously doesn’t include any references to games that haven’t yet been announced.

Xbox: Game On, the official Xbox E3 2014 live event and TV show, kicks off with a pre-show at 9am Pacific, before the Microsoft E3 2014 press conference kicks off officially at 9:30. After the Microsoft E3 2014 press conference concludes, there will be an immediate post-show on You can also watch it all live on Spike TV, on your Xbox One or Xbox 360 console, on or on a Windows Phone.

Clearly there’s no shortage of ways to watch Microsoft E3 2014 press conference live online or on an electronic device. If you have any comments about what Microsoft does (or does not) announce today at its E3 media briefing, feel free to keep a running editorial going in the comments section below.

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