Xbox Memorial Day Sale: Buy 2 Games, Get 1 Free

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It’s Memorial Day weekend in the U.S., and Microsoft wants to keep you indoors rather than go camping. That’s the apparent logic with a new Xbox Memorial Day sale, it seems, as Microsoft is offering “buy two games, get one free” at all Microsoft Stores.

The Xbox Memorial Day sale appears to be effective only at Microsoft’s own company stores and not outlets such as GameStop, Walmart, Target or Amazon. The three-day promotion does apply to both the Xbox One and Xbox 360, but it only impacts certain titles.

Detractors will (rightfully) point out that the three-day sale isn’t likely to move any Xbox One consoles. The lower $399 price hasn’t yet gone into effect yet, with the Xbox One still perceived as too expensive by many shoppers.

On Xbox One, the Xbox Memorial Day sale is available for 10 games: Titanfall, Wolfenstein The New Order, Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeroes, Just Dance 2014, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, NBA 2K14, Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag, Madden NFL 25, FIFA 14 and Call of Duty Ghosts.

On Xbox 360, the Xbox Memorial Day sale applies to 17 games: the Call of Duty Ghosts next-gen upgrade (not really a game, per se), Call of Duty Ghosts, GTA v, NBA 2K14, Titanfall, Just Dance 2014, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, Angry Birds Star Wars, COD Black Ops 2 Game of the Year Edition, South Park The Stick of Truth, BioShock Infinite, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14, NCAA Football 14, Battlefield 4, Batman Arkham Origins, Dark Souls 2 and Saints Row 4.

It doesn’t appear that purchases can be mixed between consoles. For instance, you can’t buy one Xbox 360 game, one Xbox One game and then select another Xbox One game for free. Instead, the Xbox Memorial Day sale requires you to stick with a given platform for all three games. Still, that should be just fine for most people.

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