Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Gameplay Trailer – “Induction”

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Activision always makes a big splash at E3, and this year was no different when it officially debuted Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The Xbox press conference was the first time we got to see the “Induction” level, which showed just how much is going on on-screen at any one time. The Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare gameplay trailer below shows that level for almost 10 minutes.

This gameplay video of COD: Advanced Warfare shows a whole host of new features. Not only does it show the exoskeleton-type weapons and armor in full force, but it also shows what’s in store for the first game presumably developed mostly on the next-gen consoles. In short: a shit-ton of action and even more pulse-pounding moments.

Last year’s Call of Duty entry, since it was a launch title, wasn’t as optimized as it could have been on the then-new hardware. It was still impressive and a lot of fun, but there’s something about “the next” COD that always gets our hearts racing.

Take a look for yourself. This Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare gameplay trailer shows a group of U.S. Marines as they drop into the battle lines of Seoul, South Korea. If you saw Microsoft’s E3 press conference you’ve seen this footage already. But it’s always fun to watch it again to see little things you missed the first time around.

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