Evolve Gameplay Footage from Distillery Map

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Back in the day, Left 4 Dead changed how we viewed the co-op survival genre. The game’s creators, Turtle Rock Studios, are now working on Evolve, a game where four hunters team-up to battle a player-controlled boss. It’s a great concept that can be best explained by watching some Evolve gameplay footage, the latest of which we have below.

In this new Evolve gameplay footage you’ll see a new map called Distillery. The gameplay video shows Hyde the Assault, Lazarus the Medic, Hank the Support and Griffin the Trapper facing off against Kraken. All of those characters, the Hunters as well as the monster, are controlled by individual players.

The action unfolds on the Distillery map, which showcases some all-new wildlife that Hunters will be able to fight or eat as they try to take down the Kraken. The arctic environment of Distillery looks pretty involved, with vertical elements as well as nooks and crannies in which to hide or ambush the boss.

One of the nice features of this Evolve gameplay footage is that the camera switches vantage points throughout the match. This lets you see what it’s like to play as the boss as well as see what the action’s like from a Hunter’s perspective.

This video is indicative of what players will experience in the Evolve beta, which is exclusive to Xbox One and will release in January. Although specific levels and monsters for the Evolve beta haven’t been announced, this is a pretty good approximation of what the multiplayer action will be like.

The final retail version of Evolve will ship for PS4, Xbox One and PC on February 10, 2015. You can pre-order Evolve from Amazon.com.

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