First NBA 2K15 Gameplay Footage with Kevin Durant

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It’s no big surprise that the first NBA 2K15 gameplay footage features NBA 2K15 cover athlete Kevin Durant. What is surprising is just how incredible the trailer looks.

Comprised of about 15 seconds of actual gameplay footage, the new NBA 2K15 “first look” video shows KD posterizing the Golden State Warriors’ Andre Iguodola. After bringing the ball up court and doing a little stutter step, the virutal KD drives to the hoop and throws it down exactly like the real-life Durant would.

This initial NBA 2K15 gameplay footage was first shared by Kevin Durant himself via his Instagram account. It’s also embedded below. As you can tell by the animations, 2K Sports has spent extra time on the PS4 and Xbox One consoles fine-tuning the animation system for the next-gen hardware.

In addition to showcasing the new animation engine, the video also shows some of the new crowd elements coming to NBA 2K15.

For gamers who are more interested in the game’s international elements rather than its NBA exploits, NBA 2K15 also includes all Euroleague teams. Head over here to read the full list of NBA 2K15 Euroleague teams.

The NBA 2K15 release date across all systems is Oct. 7 in North America and Oct. 10 internationally. Although the gameplay footage above showcases the next-gen engine, NBA 2K15 will also have PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.

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