Watch Wisconsin vs Kentucky Basketball Online Live Free Final Four

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The NCAA men’s basketball tournament has been plagued this year by talk of one-and-done talent. One of the programs responsible for that talk, the No. 8-seeded Kentucky Wildcats, takes on the No. 2 Wisconsin Badgers tonight in the Final Four live on TBS. The teams represent two different styles, both in terms of coaching philosophy and on-court talent, and at least one of them promises an NBA preview of sorts. Tonight’s second Final Four game should be a doozy. If you can’t catch it live on TBS or TNT, you can watch Wisconsin vs Kentucky basketball online live free Final Four by using a few different services.

Kentucky’s established an incredible track record of recruiting McDonald’s All-Americans who bring talent and NBA-ready aspirations every season. As a result, the Wildcats are hot, exciting and young, which can be as much a curse as it can a blessing. Wisconsin, on the other hand, has a starting lineup of upper classmen who’ve been around the block and play better as a team. The only hiccup is that their “block” hasn’t included the pressure-packed Final Four since the year 2000.

It’s almost a miracle that you’re able to watch Wisconsin vs Kentucky basketball online live free Final Four tonight. For a brief span this season, it didn’t look like Kentucky would even sniff the Big Dance. Kentucky coach John Calipari recruited six McDonald’s All-Americans to the bluegrass this season, highlighted by sure-fire NBA lottery pick Julius Randle and Aaron and Andrew Harrison. That pedigree hadn’t helped them even as recently as one month ago, though, as the Kentucky basketball team lost two games in a row to Arkansas and South Carolina (who?) and fell to 21-8.

The Wildcats turned it around in a big way, heading into today’s second Final Four game against the Badgers. While Wisconsin and its players don’t have the same “brand recognition” as Kentucky and its players, the Badgers have played a more up-tempo style this season and reinvigorated their fan base. The Badgers’ 73.5 points are the most Wisconsin has averaged in 20 seasons.

Now the Wisconsin basketball team, a “team” by any measure of the word, can see how its upperclassmen-led approach stacks up against the “One and Dones” at Kentucky. Much like college football style battles, this game should be one for the ages.

You can watch Wisconsin vs Kentucky basketball online live free Final Four by visiting the NCAA’s official tournament website and clicking on the Final Four tab. The NCAA’s site lets you watch every tournament game free, including live broadcasts from TBS, TNT, truTV and CBS. If you’re hoping to watch the No. 2 Wisconsin Badgers vs. the No. 8 Kentucky Wildcats tonight in the Final Four, you can tune into the 5:49 PST / 8:49 EST tipoff live on TBS. You can also watch Kentucky vs Wisconsin basketball online using the NCAA link above. The live streaming TBS sports functionality should work just fine on a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

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