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Give Your Brain a Workout with Simon Plays Roshambo for iOS


Sep 20, 2013

Athlone, Ireland – Moonswing today is pleased to announce the launch of Simon Plays Roshambo, a free to download game for iOS devices that brings a fresh twist to some familiar concepts. There are many memory games where the player must remember a pattern or sequence that increases in size as play progresses. Moonswing has taken this idea and combined it with the ever-popular playground game “Rock, Paper, Scissors” to create Simon Plays Roshambo – a game for players of any age, that’s easy to understand but surprisingly difficult to play.

Simon Plays Roshambo has two modes of play. In Memory mode you must memorize an ever-lengthening pattern that appears on the wall in front of you and respond with the correct sequence – based on the rules of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

In Speed mode you again watch the picture that appears on the wall and respond with the correct button before your time runs out. The faster you respond the more points you score. The further you progress the faster the game becomes. And if all that isn’t tricky enough, the buttons swap places between levels.

“It seems simple enough” says Moonswing founder Tom Tierney. “For example, a picture of a Rock appears on the wall. You have three buttons in front of you, so you press Paper, as it defeats Rock. Good start. However, by the time you’ve progressed through a few levels, with the length of the pattern increasing or the time to respond getting shorter you’ll find it harder and harder to keep track. Eventually, infuriatingly, you’ll get it wrong but your brain will certainly feel like it’s had a proper workout by the time you’re done.”

Once you’ve mastered the basic game modes, you can make Simon Plays Roshambo even more difficult by turning on the “All Mixed Up” option. Now each time it’s your turn to play, you’ll be asked to either “Play to Win”, “Play to Tie”, or “Play to Lose”.

So, your turn – Play to lose to Paper… “So, I need to press that button that is defeated by paper? Let me think… that would be…” Too slow! Time’s Up!

Device Requirements:
* iPhone 4 or later, iPad 2 or later, iPod touch 4th Gen or later
* Requires iOS 6.0 or later
* 10.2 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Simon Plays Roshambo 1.0 is Free and is available worldwide exclusively through the iTunes App Store in the Games category.

Simon Plays Roshambo 1.0
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