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Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Performance in Minecraft PVP

PvP in Minecraft is difficult, but there are several ways to increase a player’s combat skills. Combat in the game involves much more than clicking and getting hits. There are many more tricks available to learn.

Playing Minecraft PvP well takes time and practice. It takes a lot of practice.
Skilled PvP pros use every trick at their disposal to gain the advantage, and
even then, they have impressive movement and attacking abilities. Players
can swiftly gain the upper hand in PvP combat by combining agility with
terrain knowledge and applying various tried-and-true strategies.
Nevertheless, the same players should be aware of their rivals, who can
employ the same strategy against them.

Best Minecraft PvP to Play

It’s possible to make the case that either the 1.7 or 1.8 upgrade of Minecraft
is the most often used version for PvP. The 2014 release of 1.8 is often used
on PVP-focused servers. Millions of players have liked this traditional style of warfare, and a few servers have progressed with the updated PvP
implemented in 1.9.

The Top Eleven Tips and Tricks for Playing on a Minecraft PVP Server

The famous strategies listed below will flip your defeating stage upside

1. Use PvP Servers to Practice

If you want to learn how to become skilled at Minecraft PvP, you must invest in some tough PvP grind time. Almost any PvP website allows you to sign up and start practicing with other players. These specific PvP servers can help you develop some outstanding skills. Most of these Minecraft PvP practice servers provide an entry-level PvP kit, so you won’t have to worry about assets much. In fact, there will be many of them available for you to start using.

The truth bomb is that skilled and experienced players succeed through practice. There doesn’t appear to be anything that can replace success and effort. Anyone who wishes to be an expert in any field must regularly practice in that discipline. If one doesn’t frequently practice, they will never be successful in their industry. A man can only strike his mark and succeed in his specialized field with constant practice.

2. Add Death Counter in Minecraft

There are a variety of reasons why you might desire a Death Counter in Minecraft; however, often, it’s necessary on PvP servers. In Minecraft, you can add a death counter in two ways: by using modifications, addons, or commands.

Installing mods or addons is the first method of adding a death counter. You need to select a mod that isn’t too old or that is frequently updated because many downloadable mods can provide you with a Death Counter. If you wish to do it with commands, you must first set a goal before using the scorecard command to display it.

3. Practice Clicking Quickly

You must click as soon as you can for you to participate in PvP Minecraft warfare. Nothing else can help you unless you click control. Then, practice on PvP servers with your amazing gaming mouse. To atomize clicks, use an auto clicker.

In video games, players use auto-clickers to complete clicking challenges. As the name implies, this method generates buzz on its own. The auto clickers’ generated clicks are used for input. The user can record these clicks. In addition to actually recording the recording, the user can modify a number of its components. Practice clicking quickly.

If you are a beginner to Minecraft PvP, you might also try to practice the clicking techniques listed below:

●     Jitter Click

YouTubers that play Minecraft or stream on Twitch frequently employ this tactic. Jitter clicking typically has 13 to 14 clicks per second. The jitter technique requires you to jerk your hand or palm to click more quickly than usual. Daily practice is also necessary for this clicking technique.

●     The Butterfly Clicks

The newest feature to simplify players’ lives is butterfly clicking. When this method was originally established, everyone embraced it wholeheartedly.

Only the middle and index fingers are used in this clicking technique. You must keep using these two fingers to click the left mouse alternately. You have an advantage over your opponent, who uses 5-8 cps when butterfly-clicking.

4. Everything Is About Aim and Timing

It should go without saying that this is one of the most important components of Minecraft PvP that takes  a lot of practice. A strong PvP competitor is built on accuracy and timing.

The effort spent will be well worth it if you practice shooting at moving targets with a melee weapon, bow, and crossbow. A player’s improvement in PvP can be greatly aided by the existence of entire servers dedicated to targeting practice and attack timing. Less competent opponents can be simply and rapidly kited if you are aware of the melee ranges and the velocity of your projectiles.

5. Improve Your Enchantments

To prevail in PVP combat, one needs powerful enchantments. Most PVPers use nephrite or diamond gear that has been enchanted with Fire Prevention, Defense, Unbreaking, Thorns, and other effects. Swords benefit most from the weapon enchantments Sharpness, Burning Aspect, and especially Knockback.

The bow is useful while battling opponents who are far away. To defeat enemies without using melee weapons, use the bow’s power, flame, and infinity enchantments. Winning PVP battles is aided by having greater enchantment.

6. Carry Loads of Food

Another thing to remember is to always have a larger supply of food products on hands, such as Golden apples, God apples, and various drinks. Switching between food, weapons, and drinks might be challenging for new players. Practice this skill in survival mode to learn how to switch between tools and weapons quickly.

Golden apples are among the best foods, providing positive impacts when consumed. When you are engaged in combat, you do not have time to change between any tools.

The golden apple is the ideal fruit to eat because it can help to boost your possibilities of taming a horse by 10%! It is a specific kind of food that, when consumed, has positive consequences. Additionally, these golden apples! When they come across one. They sprint over to it, inspect the apples, and then put those in their inventory.

The function that saves you in this situation is Quick Hotbar. All the equipment you might require amid a battle, such as potions of energy, golden apples, god apples, bows, and swords, can be carried conveniently in Hotbar.

7. Practice Swapping Items in Hotbar Fastly

Changing between weapons, foods and potions are one of the most frequent issues that newbie PVPers go through quite often. Players get used to peacefully swapping between weapons and tools in survival mode.

Players must act quickly in PvP battles because they have no time to check their inventory, change their weapons, or eat. Keep essential goods like the weapon, bow, golden apple, strength potion, and other items in the hot bar. Using number keys is the quickest way to navigate the Hotbar’s items.

8. Consider Using a VPN

Although it may seem somewhat incongruous with the previous point, in some circumstances, you can use a VPN to enhance server connection quality and ping. This is because using a VPN will alter the location from where the connection is coming, making it look as though you are in a different place from the server. Consequently, a separate path will likewise be taken by your connection.

The best course of action for gamers who play on servers with high pings is to attempt connecting to those Minecraft servers both with and without a VPN. Using a VPN when playing on that server can be worthwhile if doing so results in a much-reduced ping.

9. Learn Block-Hitting Skills

Learning how to block-hit is an important PVP skill. It generally involves striking opponents and rapidly blocking with the swords to defend.

Due to the blocking mechanics in Minecraft, players can attack almost immediately after blocking by just hitting the button. The block-hitting player will typically prevail against a non-block-hitting player since blocking will reduce the enemy’s damage output.

10. Keep Your Opponents off the High Ground

In Minecraft PvP, resourceful enemies will frequently attempt to construct themselves up too high and inflict damage from a distance that uses ranged weapons if a battle is going on for a while. Additionally, they can leap from their perch and launch a melee attack if necessary. Players should use any available ranged weapons to deny enemies this height advantage.

If players can get their hands on them, throwing things like snowballs is especially helpful. Snowball’s impact is typically sufficient to dislodge an adversary from their advantageous position and bring the battle back to level ground.

11. Inventive Weapon Choices

It is the most overlooked issue facing Minecraft PvP gamers. You must have witnessed some players shooting adversaries with bows and arrows from a distance of up to four blocks. Ideally, a sword should have been used to accomplish this. You should know the range that is best for each of your weapons and use them with caution.


Give yourself the time necessary to master one skill at a time. Avoid overloading yourself with work; doing so will make you fail. Additionally, remember that you will suffer at the hands of others. In reality, it will take place more than once. Simply keep going, and your progress will continue.

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