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Cake Mania 2 for DS Bakes its Way into Retail


Jun 24, 2008

It sure seems like gamers can “take the heat,” because the wave of cooking games means Nintendo gamers, especially, aren’t exactly “getting out of the kitchen.” Case in point: Cake Mania 2, which Majesco shipped today for the Nintendo DS.

Developed by Digital Embryo, Cake Mania 2 once again features Jill Evans, who returns for a cake-baking adventure in which players use the stylus to lead her through more than 200 levels of baking and frosting mania. In RPG-like fashion, these levels include include 50 unique kitchen upgrades, from new ovens and frosters to microwaves and TVs.

Continuing the RPG-like theme, Cake Mania 2 also has a non-linear baking experience with six possible endings that take Jill to exotic locations like an underwater theme park and outer space.

Cake bakers must work quickly and accurately to please the game’s 18 new demanding customers, including aliens, federal agents, rock stars and grannies. Throw in new cake shapes, decorations and frosting flavors, and the game will keep players busy throughout both the main game and its new Endless Baking mode.

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