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BulletStorm Multiplayer Details: Interview with Cliffy B.


Dec 9, 2010

Ever since BulletStorm was announced it’s had my eye, particularly since it’s coming from People Can Fly, the developers behind the excellently stylized and physics-driven shooter Painkiller. Of course, it’s also got Epic Games and their spokesperson extraordinaire, Cliffy B., behind it as well, so BulletStorm is a game to pay attention to.

As with most Epic-touched games, BulletStorm will have a strong multiplayer component, although most of the multiplayer specifics have been kept tightly under wraps to this point. But since this is the holiday season, a time of year when we’re all interested in unwrapping things, some details about BulletStorm’s multiplayer have begun to surface. And they’re coming from none other than Cliffy B. himself.

BulletStorm will not include a typical Versus mode, but it will feature a four-player “Anarchy” mode designed for co-op play. Hello, Gears of War influence…. Yet before we get too attached to calling Anarchy mode a ripoff of existing Horde modes, Cliffy quickly pointed out to the PlayStation Blog that Anarchy is “not like a Nazi Zombies where you just have to survive.” Instead, it has a unique score-based progression system that will make the mode stand out from other games, probably tied closely into its location-specific damage capabilities and the associated point totals with creative kills.

These insights and more can be garnered in the video below, in which Cliffy B also discusses his favorite kill combo in BulletStorm and why BulletStorm on the PS3 will “very much take advantage of what the PS3 is capable of.” Stereoscopic 3D, anyone?

For what it’s worth, you can pre-order BulletStorm from Amazon using these links: BulletStorm for PS3 and BulletStorm for Xbox 360.

Now, if that video has made you a believer, here are those pre-order links one more time: BulletStorm for PS3 and BulletStorm for Xbox 360.

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