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Babysitting Mania Going to Nintendo DS from PC


Mar 10, 2008

The online PC game Babysitting Mania will switch gears this fall, as Majesco today announced plans to create a Babysitting Mania Nintendo DS game.

Based on the hit PC simulation, Babysitting Mania challenges players to manage unruly kids, lists of chores and out-of-control houses without losing their cool. The game is the sequel to Nanny Mania, which has been downloaded more than 7 million times.

In Babysitting Mania, players progress through more than 100 levels of fast-paced, overlapping challenges as they feed, entertain and clean up after rambunctious kids. The action will unfold in 20 chaotic houses, with players using the DS Touch Screen to manage every aspect of the household, from strategically employing “timeouts” to overseeing bonus birthday-party levels that add neighborhood party guests.

Babysitting Mania for DS will also see players caring for children in various stages of their lives–from babies to toddlers to teens.

Now if only Majesco could re-create the diaper-changing shtick, we might finally have a guaranteed form of teenage birth control.

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