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Gears of War 2 Cog Tag Mystery Solved — Maybe


Oct 20, 2008

A couple weeks ago, we received from Microsoft a real-life Gears of War 2 cog tag, about as big as our hand. After being prompted to enter its code onto a Web site, we were led through a series of odd screens that showed what appeared to be random numbers and locations.

Today, an industrious DailyGame reader has cracked the code. Or so he thought. Using the images below, reader Richard Goke has discovered that the first column is the name of place or road, followed by its longitude and latitude, how far that location is in kilometers from Epic Games (the Gears of War 2 developer) and a date.

[UPDATE] However, DailyGame reader Jack has done some additional digging, which means we (once again) need your help to solve the problem. Here’s Jack’s note:

The article says that the first item is a real place in New York. Are you referring to the name of the place, or the Latitude/Longitude position? … I split the numbers up assuming degrees minutes and seconds, if you take the first set as Latitude and the second set as Longitude, you end up in Russia. If you go by the name, I cannot find anything in New York called SMB Space.

And, the distance from Epic Headquarters to the closest part of New York is about 500 miles (about 800 Km), not anywhere close to 200 Km. That is following the streets. If you want to go as the bird flies, it’s about 428 miles, or 689 Km.

Now, we leave it to you to do some sleuthing. Are the locations really locations? If so, are they places where Gears of War 2 launch parties will take place? Is there a pay phone at these locations a la Microsoft’s ilovebees campaign? Does the date indicate that something’s been located at these places since July? If you learn something, email our editor, Jonas Allen, and share your discovery.

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