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Xbox Kinect Hack Controls Super Mario Bros. — Video


Nov 28, 2010

The Xbox Kinect has been hacked several times in its early life, each time being used to control PC games or PC functions via Microsoft’s new motion-sensing hardware. But the latest Kinect hack — using the Xbox 360 motion controller to play Super Mario Bros. — is absolutely hilarious.

Judging by the video below, playing Super Mario Bros. via the Kinect isn’t going to win any “efficient gameplay” awards. But it shows that people have not only broken into the hardware’s core functions, but toyed with those controls to the point that even a Microsoft competitor can’t escape the action.

If only the Power Glove for the NES had worked as well as the Kinect works on this NES classic. Oh wait, they both pretty much stink. At least this most-recent stinker can be chalked up to home-brewed engineering. Although, you’ve got to hand it to the guy in this video for figuring out how to even get the Kinect to control Super Mario Bros. Sheer genius.

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