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Watch 49ers vs Jaguars Game Online Free Live Stream NFL Week 8


Oct 27, 2013

Before the San Francisco 49ers regained their footing a few weeks ago, today’s 1pm EST / 10am PST matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars looked like it could be a game of cellar dwellers. Fortunately for NFL fans in London, where the game is being played, when you watch 49ers vs Jaguars game online free live stream using one of several different methods, you’ll find just the opposite. At least where the 49ers are concerned, that is. Owners of a 5-2 record, they head into London’s Wembley Stadium to take on the winless Jaguars in what should be a blowout on live TV on FOX.

Today’s 49ers game is the second NFL game being played in London this season. Folks in Europe may not see a marquee matchup, as the 0-7 Jaguars are the first team since 1984 to lose their first seven games by double digits. But at least they’ve got the chance to see 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick live in action, who’s rediscovered his mojo and gotten San Francisco back on track playing the type of football that got the 49ers to last year’s Super Bowl.

What makes San Francisco QB Kaepernick so exciting is his ability to run the read-option, which they did seven times last week against Tennessee. They’d used it only nine times total in their first six games, so clearly the 49ers perform better when Kaepernick is given enough leash to be creative. Since the Jaguars have just the 28th-ranked defense in the NFL this season, it’s likely that the 49ers will run the read-option a lot again today, giving Londoners quite a show.

When you watch 49ers vs Jaguars game online free live stream you’ll also likely see tight end Vernon Davis having a heyday with Kaepernick. So far this season, the Jacksonville Jaguars have let opposing teams’ tight ends catch 42 passes for 401 yards and five touchdowns. 49ers receiver Anquan Boldin is due for a breakout game too, as he hasn’t had nearly as explosive a game in the past six games as he did in Week 1.

Ironically, the Jaguars do lead the 49ers in yards passing per game, with 219 compared to San Francisco’s 191.7. Jaguars quarterback Chad Henne has been the reason for this, of course, having gone 103-173 for 1,222 yards so far this season. Unfortunately for Jaguars fans, though, he’s thrown for only two touchdowns, which has a large role in the Jags’ abysmal 0-7 record.

Kickoff for today’s game in London is scheduled for 1pm EST / 10am PST, which is 7pm London time. So don’t be puzzled by the dark skies. Fans can watch 49ers vs Jaguars game online free live stream on DirecTV’s website if they have the NFL Sunday Ticket Package. Although the package itself requires a subscription, anyone can watch the live streaming version free if they have it. The 49ers game is also live on FOX, if you wish to catch it on HDTV.

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