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Netflix Price Increase? Xbox One Could Change the Game

Millions of streaming TV and movie buffs groaned this week when the Netflix price increase was announced. The logic is sound: increase prices $1 to $2 per month to help underwrite the creation of new exclusive content. Hey, who doesn't want the … [ Read More ]

PlayStation 4 - PS4

Blue Estate Comics Becoming a PS4, Xbox One Rail Shooter

The rail-shooter game genre, which came to fame in the arcades, will soon find a home on the next-gen consoles as well. Focus Home … [ Read More ]

Kinect Sports Rivals

Kinect Sports Rivals Review

One of the biggest selling points of the Xbox One, at least to hear Microsoft tell the story, is the console's inclusion of the Kinect 2.0 … [ Read More ]

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PlayStation 4 - PS4

PS4 Sales Top 7 Million Worldwide; PS4 Games, Price Cited

Sony's six-month march to the top of the next-gen world continues. After six months on the market, the company has announced that PS4 sales have topped the 7 million mark worldwide. … [ Read More ]

Xbox One Console

Xbox One Sales Hit 5 Million Mark, Still Trail PS4 by 40%

Microsoft finally broke its silence regarding Xbox One sales results, with the news being an "eye of the beholder" kind of thing. By the end of March Xbox One sales hit the 5 million … [ Read More ]

Max: Curse of Brotherhood

Project Totem Xbox One Co-Op Puzzle Platformer on the Way

The development team behind one of my favorite Xbox One games, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, is at it again. Fresh off a great console debut, the company's now working on Project … [ Read More ]

PlayStation 4 - PS4

The Last of Us PS4 Port Official, Release Date in Summer

After weeks of speculation and, frankly, months of hope among PS4 owners, The Last of Us PS4 port has been confirmed. Sony announced The Last of Us PS4 port is not only in … [ Read More ]

Xbox One Console

Soda Drinker Pro Xbox One Version to Release this Year

Normally "FPS" in gaming parlance stands for "first-person shooter." An indie game slated to release later this year hopes to change that perception, as a Soda Drinker Pro Xbox One … [ Read More ]


House of Cards Season 2 Blu-ray Release Date and Pre-Orders

With the last batch of Netflix April content showing up this week, it's only appropriate that Sony announced the House of Cards Season 2 Blu-ray release date. On June 17, House of … [ Read More ]

Call of Duty Ghosts: Devastation

Call of Duty: Ghosts Devastation PS4 Release Date: May 8

After more than one month of timed exclusivity on Xbox One, the Call of Duty: Ghosts Devastation PS4 release date is finally known. On May 8, PS4 (and Windows PC gamers) will finally … [ Read More ]

PlayStation 4 - PS4

Secret Ponchos for PS4 Set to Mosey onto PC Too

The Spaghetti Western Secret Ponchos made a high-profile PS4 debut at Sony's E3 2013 press conference, one of a dozen more more games that showcased Sony's care for the indie … [ Read More ]

The Evil Within

New The Evil Within Gameplay Trailer from PAX East

Fresh off the PAX East game show, Bethesda has released a new The Evil Within gameplay trailer that'll either reinforce why you can't wait for The Evil Within release date in August … [ Read More ]

PlayStation 4 - PS4

Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut Available on PS4, Xbox One

Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut is now available for download on PS4 and Xbox One in addition to Windows PC. The game is part 'mech game, part space-combat game and all intense, … [ Read More ]

Forza Motorsport 5

Long Beach Circuit Included in Free Forza 5 Update

The best-selling racing game in the PS4 vs. Xbox One battle just got even better, and it did so for free. Microsoft has released a Forza 5 update that includes the Long Beach Circuit … [ Read More ]

Xbox 360

Enemy Front Limited Edition Only $50 on Xbox 360, PS3

While the PS4 and Xbox One fanboys argue over resolution and sales, PS3 and Xbox 360 owners are finding entertainment in the actual games themselves. Soon they'll be "entertained" by … [ Read More ]


Breaking Bad: The Complete Series Blu-ray Pre-Orders, Shipping June 3

Sony Pictures has some "bad" news for your early summer: the studio plans to relieve you of some cash. Fortunately, it's for a good reason. The Breaking Bad: The Complete Series … [ Read More ]

Ubisoft's The Crew

Ubisoft Unveils The Crew Release Date for PS4, Xbox One

Ubisoft used E3 2013 to unveil a host of new franchises, including The Crew PS4 and Xbox One racing game. The Crew was never going to be a launch title for either system, but the … [ Read More ]

Wolfenstein: The New Order reveal logo

Wolfenstein: The New Order “Nowhere to Run” Trailer

Wolfenstein: The New Order has personality in spades, some of which comes from an unassuming place: its weapons. In the new Wolfenstein: The New Order "Nowhere to Run" trailer, … [ Read More ]