Dying Light Humanity Trailer: Life Before Zombies

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One of the most intriguing mid-term games we saw at E3 2013 was Dying Light, a new zombie game from Warner Bros. Interactive and Techland. Techland, you may recall, is the studio behind the Call of Juarez franchise and other titles, so you know there’s a good back story and plot. In a new Dying Light Humanity trailer, the studio delves a bit into that story, exploring what life was like before the zombie apocalypse.

The zombies in any game or movie are undead humans, which means at some point they were doctors, teachers, fathers, sons…and that’s just the male versions. But now they’ve lost the light behind their eyes, turning them into vicious monsters who become even more threatening as day turns to night.

We’ve gotten used to killing zombies in video games over the years, but the new Dying Light Humanity trailer poses the question “who were these zombies before they became infected? Is there still a human inside of them?”

In the ‘Humanity’ trailer below, Techland aims to address the reality behind the zombie fiction, presenting a deeper vision of what a zombie epidemic would mean for humankind.

The Dying Light Humanity trailer shows fans what has become of the city of Harran after a vicious outbreak begins to spread. As day turns to night, players will have to do whatever it takes to survive. They may even have to make choices that will make them question their own sense of humanity.

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