Killer Instinct Patch First to Change Xbox One Achievements

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Microsoft is trying a bunch of “firsts” with the Xbox One, from voice-controlled TV to an exclusive NFL App. Most of them, though, have focused on entertainment and functionality. Not the new Killer Instinct patch. The new KI update changes several things, but perhaps none is more notable than the Killer Instinct patch updating the game’s Xbox One Achievements.

Microsoft discussed the ability to change a game’s Achievements before the Xbox One released, but the Killer Instinct patch marks the first time such a change has actually happened.

Originally each of the game’s characters had an Achievement that Xbox One owners could unlock after playing 2,000 matches. The Killer Instinct patch has changed that, reducing the required number of matches from 2,000 to 200 per character. The reduction in matches is not insignificant, but short of hardcore fanboys who place too much importance on fake “earned my stripes” accolades, the news is bound to please Xbox One owners.

Additional updates included in the Killer Instinct patch range from online leaderboards now being visible to all Xbox Live members, not just Xbox Live Gold subscribers; fixes to the party invitation system; and both players knowing before a match begins whether the outcome will move their rank up or down.

Outside of the Killer Instinct Achievement change, though, the biggest update is the free rotating character now being Sabrewulf. The KI character was featured prominently in ads for the game prior to release, so many gamers saw his lack of free inclusion as a big miss on Microsoft’s part. Having Sabrewulf as the free character will better align the game’s advertising with its out-of-the-box (so to speak) experience.

Rounding out the updates included in the Killer Instinct patch are a host of minor tweaks and fixes. Among them: data save issues, fixing USB port troubles, being able to disable toasts from the options menu, and icons not unlocking correctly.

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