Pinball FX2 Ms Splosion Man Table Review

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I’ve played the hell out of Splosion Man, then Ms Splosion Man, and I fear to check the stats on how much Pinball FX2 I’ve played since that game came out. To help feed the addiction I have to that wonderful pinball engine Zen Studios has created, they keep releasing tables on a somewhat regular schedule. The latest is the combination of two of the best independent developers out there (my opinion), and that is a Ms. Splosion Man table.

For 240 Microsoft Points this hot pink table can brighten up your pinball room as well as help increase your superscore, and it’s not just a pretty face as the table itself is actually one of the best for the game engine out (Captain America, you still hold that crown.) The table features great speed, but never so much that you lose control, awesome orbits and spirals, and even a very fun orbit kickback which is  the source of one of the three achievements.

In a change from pretty much every other PFX2 table – the bonus multipliers and kickbacks are handled completely different in Ms Splosion Man. While it’s a change, the multipliers have become dreadfully easy to ramp up to 10x with minimal effort. Simply hit an orbit from the opposing flipper after running your ball through the inlane, and you are all set.  The kickbacks are cutely turned into treadmills that prevent your ball from flying down the outlanes, and rather than be lit by a series of inlane rollovers as pretty much every pinball table in existence, another orbit from the upper flipper helps turn these ball savers on.

There are a ton of modes to engage in the game, whether it be the trek towards the ultimate confrontation with Mighty Eternal, which include barrier breaking, barrel bashing and electric barrier deactivation or the ultimate showdown itself and potential reunion of the two beloved Splosion people, you’re sure to keep very busy. Score comes very easily in this game too, experienced pinball players likely will be breaking the 100 million mark within the first game or two; and dedicated players are sure to break the billion mark in short order.

Do yourself a favor, and pick up this table. As mentioned, it’s top notch in quality and only surpassed by the amazing Captain America table. Zen Studios just keeps getting better and better at making tables, and with more in the pipeline I can only dream of the quality they will be. If you’re done with Ms Splosion Man already, get ready to Splode again.


Platform reviewed: Xbox 360