Quantum Break for Xbox One a No-Show at E3

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Of all the next-gen games shown at E3 2013, Quantum Break for Xbox One was by far the one that most captured our attention. Naturally we’ve been hoping to see more of Quantum Break at E3 2014 this week. It doesn’t appear that’s in the cards, as Microsoft has announced that Quantum Break for Xbox One will make its gameplay debut at Gamescom.

Gamescom 2014 will take place Aug. 13-17 in Cologne, Germany. As in 2013, the first day is only open for industry and media while the event will be open to the public from Aug. 14-17.

Having Quantum Break be a no-show at E3 2014 is brutal. Remedy did release a new Quantum Break video that provides some new story details and never-before-seen footage, which you can watch below. Frankly, though, we were really hoping for some extended gameplay at E3 this week.

Quantum Break for Xbox One is in development by Remedy Entertainment, the creators of Max Payne and Alan Wake. Its new Xbox One game has some notable time-bending gameplay mechanics, which will be shown in non-CG form for the first time at Gamescom.

Quantum Break for Xbox One is scheduled to launch in 2015. Microsoft has been coy about a specific Quantum Break release date, perhaps to lessen the timeline impact of scheduling hiccups like this. For example, announcing early on that Quantum Break isn’t going to be front and center at E3 is probably a tactic to nip comments in the bud about the game not being ready for primetime or hitting some development snags.

Having the gameplay debut at Gamescom gives Remedy two extra months of development time.

Quantum Break for Xbox One follows hero Jack Joyce as he struggles to prevent the end of time. That’s just part of the puzzle, as the game fuses a cinematic action game with high-quality, live-action show elements. As the game focuses on Jack, the show will revolve around the conspiracies and intrigue within the villainous corporation called Monarch Solutions. As you might imagine, Monarch Solutions is Jack’s main enemy.

Together, the game and show aspects form an intertwining narrative where the actions gamers take directly impact how the story across both the game and the show unfolds.

You can watch the latest Quantum Break for Xbox One video below. It doesn’t really take the place of having Quantum Break at E3 this week, but it’s better than not seeing or hearing anything about it at all.

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