Watch Houston Texans vs Denver Broncos Live Online Free Preseason Week 3

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Few Week 3 preseason games have more hype than the Houston Texans vs Denver Broncos tonight at 9pm EST. This week is traditionally the one that most resembles the regular season, which is surely why the NFL scheduled tonight’s game as it did. The prospect of seeing Jadeveon Clowney go after Peyton Manning is very real tonight — and very entertaining.

The Texans and Broncos have been practicing against one another since Wednesday, but Clowney’s been unable to really go after Manning in their no-contact drills. That all changes in tonight’s Broncos game, where Manning and the rest of Denver’s starting unit will go up against Clowney and the Texans defensive starters for at least a full half.

Houston fans had a bit of a scare this week when Clowney was escorted off the practice field to the medical tent and didn’t return to practice. Clowney was reportedly “destructive” during the joint practices against the Broncos, getting his hands in quarterback Peyton Manning’s face and forcing an incompletion early Wednesday.

Fellow Houston defender JJ Watt is ready to rumble with the Broncos in a live game situation as well. All three practice days saw shoving between Watt, Broncos tackle Chris Clark and Denver guard Orlando Franklin. On Thursday there were even some punches thrown.

Not that Manning’s easily ruffled. The league’s top QB last season has had a workman-like preseason, last week completing 12-of-14 passes for 102 yards and a touchdown against the 49ers. The Texans defense looks tough this season (and tonight) with both Watt and Clowney in the game, but they ranked a lowly 18th in the league last year.

With their 2-0 preseason record on the line, Manning and the Broncos are looking for validation that their Super Bowl whiff against the Seahawks last season was a fluke. So far this preseason, that appears to be the case.

Tonight’s Houston Texans / Denver Broncos game kicks off at 9pm EST from Sports Authority Field at Mile High. The game’s not on TV, but you can watch Houston Texans vs Denver Broncos live online free preseason week 3 if you’ve signed-up for the NFL Preseason Live service. That program lets fans watch all preseason NFL games for $19.99. NFL Network subscribers have another option to watch the game live on the NFL Online website. All that’s required there is to enter your login info for your satellite or cable TV provider.

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