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Black Friday Sales Have Become 'Black Thursday' Sales


Nov 25, 2010

Black Friday sales and Black Friday ads have gotten a lot of ink here over the past two weeks. I’m fully aware of that, and I’m sure some readers are ready for Black Friday articles to be done. The thing is, traffic to Black Friday sales and Black Friday ad articles is through the roof, so clearly there’s demand for info (all recapped below). But for all the talk of Black Friday doorbusters, a fascinating article at MSNBC says maybe we’re all barking up the wrong tree. It looks like “Black Thursday” is now all the rage.

We’ve talked about Walmart guaranteeing a price match on all competitors’ Black Friday sales. We’ve written about Target announcing huge Black Friday discounts on games and gadgets. We even wrote an all-encompassing Black Friday sales cheat sheet, and today we wrote about Amazon’s huge deals that run today only. And it’s that last one that may be the most telling, according to MSNBC.

Among the retailers that opened Thursday are Wal-Mart Stores Inc.’s U.S. discount stores, 850 of Gap Inc.’s Old Navy stores, as well as some of its Gap and Banana Republic stores; Sears Holdings Corp.’s namesake department stores, and Kmart discount stores.

For retailers, opening the stores amount to extra sales at the start of what is expected to be the best holiday shopping season since 2007 — before falling home prices, tight credit and soaring unemployment forced consumers to cut spending. The holiday season is essential for many retailers, who depend on it for a big part of their profits for the year.

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So has Thanksgiving turned into the new Black Friday? Are we now going to start talking about Black Thursday? It could be, particularly when it comes to toys and online sales.

Deep discounts on high-end cameras, laptops and other gadgets are featured in major retailers’ Black Friday ads alongside lower-priced boots, jeans and underwear.

Toys R Us and its Babies R Us chain are again offering discounted diapers for early morning shoppers. But they’re also marketing higher-end products. Last year, it had the simple two-passenger swing set for $159.99. This year it’s adding a bigger gym set on sale for $349.99, complete with a rock climbing wall.

I’m personally a bit torn on the Thanksgiving shopping, because this should be a day about hanging out with family and celebrating our blessings, not great prices. Leave the great prices and all-day shopping for Black Friday, in my opinion. But hey, what do I know? After all, I’m writing this article while my kids sit next to me on the sofa watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Now that’s irony.

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