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Why Is Online Face Verification Process The Key Towards Success?

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Correct me if I’m wrong, identity theft cases are progressing by leaps and bounds in this tech-oriented world. Last year, identity theft cases cost Americans a total of approximately $56 billion, and the figure is projected to progress in the upcoming years. These evolving identity theft cases and fraudulent activities depict that it’s high time for businesses to integrate themselves with such products that provide promising, robust, real-time, reliable as well as global identity verification solutions. Talking of identity verification checks and solutions, face verification is something that must not be neglected at all. 

Want to know about face verification? What are its benefits, and why does every sector incorporate this solution? keep reading to know more!

What is Face Verification?  

If you belong to this modern age and have a smartphone in your hand right now, you must already be familiar with face verification. But what exactly is this technology? Let’s achieve a look at it in layman terms. 

A technology that is used to verify the identity of individuals by analyzing their unique facial features is called face recognition technology. The face of the person is analyzed after scanning via innovative AI algorithms and is matched against the photos that are already saved in the database. Face recognition technology plays a mandatory role in enhancing identity verification procedures and combating evolving fraudulent activities such as counterfeits, terrorist financing,  chargebacks, money laundering, data breaches, and identity theft. 

Fingerprint scanning is completely out of the way these days and the incorporation of face verification technology is the new normal. Thanks to innovative machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms due to which this revolution happened. Not only smartphones are accommodated with this innovative technology, but also social media platforms such as Facebook also use this technology that helps in photo tagging. 

Here are the sectors which have acquired innovative and promising face verification technology. 

  • Law enforcement 
  • Advertisers and marketers 
  • Religious groups 
  • Private offices 
  • Airlines
  • Retailers 
  • Government 
  • Educational sector 
  • Financial infrastructures 

Is Face Recognition Safe? 

Despite the fact that facial recognition technology helps in the enhancement of security protocols of organizations, this technology is still under development and progress. Initially not all the technologies and applications are created equally. Let us consider an example of Apple. It has developed a 3D map of individuals by the utilization of a flood illuminator, dot projector, and infrared camera. According to researchers and analysts, scammers are capable of creating Frankenstein faces by utilizing innovative artificial intelligence algorithms for combining the facial features of numerous people to form a new identity. This tactic is acquired by hackers to dodge face verification solutions. However, much more advancements are being incorporated in such solutions to make them more robust, reliable and effective. 

Benefits of Face Verification 

There exist a wide range of benefits that businesses and financial infrastructures can attain because of the incorporation of face verification technology. A few of the most important benefits that are attained after businesses integrate with face verification solutions are as follow: 

  • Online facial recognition solutions are used by law enforcement agencies as it helps in finding out missing people, especially missing children. After the integration of face verification technology with aging software, it depicts how the child will look after numerous years. 
  • A facial recognition system helps to combat identity theft and other relevant fraudulent activities such as unauthorized access, terrorist financing, money laundering, counterfeits, and chargebacks. 
  • Enhanced cybersecurity protocols are crucial in this modern age where hackers are evolving rapidly in parallel to technological advancements. Face verification solutions play a pivotal role in the enhancement of the cybersecurity protocols of organizations. 
  • Face verification requires fewer resources as compared to other sorts of security measures, for example fingerprinting. Facial recognition technology requires less physical contact which is crucial after the COVID-19 outbreak. 
  • Online shopping and the evolution of e-commerce platforms are the new normal in this era. Facial recognition technology enhances convenience by extending security protocols. 
  • Face verification technology assists in tagging images that are stored in the cloud via google or apple. Face verification solutions boost the process of photo organization. This also helps in suggesting tags or social media platforms such as Facebook. 
  • Face verification technology helps in the detection of genetic disorders, resulting in enhanced medical treatments. 


Considering how hackers are acquiring smart and sophisticated measures to dodge identity verification solutions, face verification plays a pivotal role in fraud detection and to deter identity theft, data breaches, terrorist financing, unauthorized access, money laundering activities, and other relevant fraudulent activities. Face verification solutions are incorporated in almost each and every single sector of this earth for a contactless future especially after the COVID-19 outbreak struck. Having said that, the acquisition and incorporation of a face verification system is something that must not be neglected at any cost for a secure future. 

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