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All That You Need to Know about Rollercoin BTC Mining Game

What is Rollercoin? What benefits does Rollercoin offer? And why is it considered among the top free bitcoin mining game solutions? – descr

Rollercoin: The Best Online BTC Mining Game

According to statistics, the cost of one bitcoin in 2021 ranges around the mark of $50,000 in value. This naturally makes tons of people interested in ways to earn cryptocurrency online. One of the easiest ways to earn cryptocurrency is free bitcoin mining games, which allow you to mine crypto coins without going far.

Game statistics


While there are dozens of different mining games out there, such as Gold Rush and Coal Mining Simulator, Rollercoin may as well be the best of its kind. Let’s review the profitable game in more detail, shall we? Here’s our Rollercoin review.

What is Rollercoin All About? 

Rollercoin is an online bitcoin mining game where you can earn cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Ethereum (ETH), and RollerToken (RLT) by playing. The goal of the game is to create a virtual data center that generates mining power. With this energy, you mine Satoshi, ETH, and DOGE coins, competing with your friends to earn the most.


The idea of the game is to distribute block rewards among all players, according to their mining power, just like in real life.

Upon registration, you get to create a character that can be customized further. Your character finds him/herself in a room with a computer. In order to start producing power, you will need to play mini-games in the “Games” tab. Each game brings you certain mining power (Gh/s – Gigahash/second). On top of this, players can generate energy by completing tasks or buying miners for money (coins earned in the game, or purchased separately).

Currently, users can choose to play 10 mini-games, including:

  • Coinclick. A really simple one where the player has to click on coins falling from the sky and avoid bombs.
  • Token Blaster. Inspired by the iconic Space Invaders, Token Blaster requires the player to shoot aliens and hide from their “counter strikes”.
  • Flappy Rocket. This mini-game is one of those flappy bird clones where the player must guide the hamster through the maze.
  • Cryptonoid. In this game, the player has to destroy bricks to earn points.
  • Coin-match. This game is similar to the classic Bejeweled. In it, you will have to make lines of 3 or more coins.
  • Crypto Hamster. In this game, the player must control the hamster and avoid encounters with aliens.
  • 2048 Coins. Your good old classic 2048, only instead of numbers there are coins.
  • Coin-Flip. This one is good for memory training – the player must remember the location of the coins and pair them up.
  • Dr.Hamster. Your usual Tetris-style fun.
  • Token Surfer. Here, the player will need to ride a skateboard through the levels, just like in Mario, and collect tokens.

Each game has 10 difficulty levels, each of which, in turn, consists of three steps (that is, you will need to complete the game three times to move to the next difficulty level). Depending on the difficulty level, you will receive more respective rewards. It is only important to remember that once a day all games return to level 1.

Once every 5 minutes, a block is released, which is divided among all the players in the group. Those players who have more miner power get more money. Your reward is calculated in relation to the total power of all players to your own.

mini games

If you don’t want to play mini-games, you have the option of buying racks and automatic miners. In order to purchase miners, you must have a rack. In turn, miners automatically generate Gh/s and their work time does not expire. However, miners cost money, which you either earn while playing or buy separately with your personal bitcoins. Unfortunately, miners generate less energy than minigames, but they work around the clock.

Is Rollercoin Reliable?

Google search results show radically different opinions about whether this game is a cheat or not. Nevertheless, the reviews and gaming experience of users prove that RollerCoin is an absolutely legal bitcoin mining simulator game that really credits money payments to the players’ accounts. Also, during the game, you do not need to use an additional PC. And this is a clear sign that mining is not performed in the background, that is, not at the expense of the power of your machine.

Key Features of Rollercoin Bitcoin Mining Game

Now that we figured out what Rollercoin is about as a bitcoin miner game, let’s take look at the other major advantages if offers:

  • Free-to-play. The game is completely free to play, which means that unlike casinos and roulettes, you won’t need to top up your account with certain deposits in order to start playing;
  • User-friendly. The game boasts an intuitive interface that allows you to earn bitcoins (a seemingly difficult way to earn money for those who are not in the subject) simply by playing;
  • Convenient. You can access the game directly from your smartphone (a PC version is also available) around the clock. The main thing here is that you are connected to the Internet;
  • Security. RollerCoin uses secure and advanced encryption protocols that completely protect your payment details. This means that attackers will not be able to intercept traffic and steal information from your account;
  • Customer service. The customer technical support works 24/7 so that you can solve any problems with their specialists at any time of the day or night.

Bottom Line

Summing up our brief review of Rollercoin, we want to say that this cryptocurrency mining simulator is a truly fun and addictive game. On top of the pure gameplay, here you can build your own mining empire online, which in the future can become a passive source of income. And you don’t need to invest anything other than your time.

The developers are making every effort to maintain and develop their site. So if you want to start earning while having fun – register at Rollercoin right now and start getting crypto as soon as you jump in!

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