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Destiny 2

Basic Gameplay For Destiny 2 Newcomers

Destiny 2 remains one of the most dynamic shooters in the MMO RPG genre, where players must fend off alien attacks, increase their power level, explore the combat potential of their class and its subclasses, and gradually advance through the storyline and travel to the planet Neptune.

You will be able to go to raids and strikes to master Destiny 2 Carry as part of a squad of three, five, or nine players, where you can get not only strong, but also high-quality weapons of Mythic and Legendary quality – purple and legendary colors.

Destiny 2 gameplay


You can choose one of three game classes that will help you gain unique skills and begin your journey and boosting in Destiny 2.

You can choose a titan if you want to play as a tank and defender who will use small arms and two types of shields – to cover only yourself and all allies from shots and explosions. You can use steel fists and slam them into the ground to knock down enemies and attack them in close combat.

You can choose a Warlock to play as a magical character with mass attack capabilities and support effects. You will heal and resurrect allies and deal powerful AoE damage.

You can choose a hunter as a full-fledged attacking character with the ability to use grenades and melee weapons and camouflage elements to fight from any distance and cause damage.


Each game class can choose one of four paths for the development of its class due to the skills and abilities that it will use.

You can choose:

  • Lightning.
  • Sun.
  • Emptiness.
  • Stand.


This is an element of additional magical damage that triggers periodically.

This is an ideal subclass for a tank, which is often in defense mode rather than attack mode, and if enemies get too close, they will begin to receive stable magic damage, which will help the titan do its share of damage in raids, PVP and during the hunt.


This is the element of concentrated damage, which is more suitable for a hunter who already deals a large amount of damage, but with this subclass it will provide itself with stable damage to bosses and even the most fortified targets in PVP and PVE.


This is the management of uncontrolled energy, which is more suitable for warlocks who already use mass skills for their hero. Due to the void, they can strengthen these skills and deal double damage to enemies on the hunt and increase the speed and efficiency of boosting in D2.


This is a new type of sustained energy that gives each class’s basic attacks a new meaning.

For a titan, this is the ability to draw blood from his attacks using his fists. For a warlock – the shrapnel effect, which acts as an alternative to emptiness and, instead of massive damage to targets, creates a fall of fragments that cause similar damage. For the hunter, this is a new ritual weapon that quickly changes the fighting style from close to long-range.

Destiny 2 gameplay


You must choose your hero and begin completing quests related to the storyline and completing tasks to repel an alien attack and level up to level 20, after which the storyline will end and the player will go to explore new planets and updates and increase the character’s power level by obtaining new weapons.

In it, you will get acquainted with the main mechanics of shooting and collecting ammunition, destroying monsters and completing starting tasks and contracts, which will help you progress faster and deal with mechanics that will be useful to you in accumulating power points and clearing dungeons and strikes.

Strength and its Role

In Destiny 2, all types of equipment and weapons have their own overall strength – this is a parameter that shows the degree of enhancement that your hero will receive.

The project and drop mechanics are done in an interesting way – the higher your strength, the more valuable items you can drop from monsters during raids and strikes, so immediately equip any improvement that comes your way during cheap boosting in Destiny 2.

Your game start, or rather the passage of the storyline and obtaining weapons and equipment, will lead you to power level 200, from which your gameplay will begin.

Next, you will go on strikes and raids and complete tasks from the new updates. The higher your power level, the stronger and better types of weapons you will receive.

The ratio ranges up to 30, so equip anything that can increase your overall strength – this will help prepare for nightfall strikes and high difficulty raids, in which you will qualify for weapons and armor level 305 strength.

First, you will go through the stage of 235 strength, then 270 and end at 305 strength level. At first, you will have to equip just high-quality equipment, and then look for the parameters that suit you.


These are small raids that are designed for three players who will storm locations, clear monsters, solve a series of riddles and get to the main boss, from which you will not receive a strong boost in D2, but will be able to get Mythic and Legendary equipment of power level 270 and higher, and these will be different types of weapons – rifles, bows, pistols, so continue your search until you find your ideal and most convenient weapon.


This is a format for game groups of 5 players, where you need to solve the same problems as in strikes, but the boss will be deadlier and use unique skills to disrupt raids.

You need to complete raids of normal, heroic and mythic difficulties, where the power level of all trophies increases.

Lightfall Update

Destiny 2 is constantly being updated through the addition of new updates and reworking of old formats that have long been outdated by the standards of the gaming industry.

This is how the Lightfall addition appeared, which added a new Stand subclass, but most importantly, a new planet Neptune appeared, available for study.

You need to go to the aid of Saint 13, where you will be given new tasks and begin preparations for increasing strength and new raids.

Conclusions On Preparing Newcomers To Play Destiny 2

D2 offers players a full-fledged MMO RPG, in which not only the duration of the gaming session plays an important role, but also your accuracy and aiming ability.

You will choose one of three game classes, which will be a tank, a support master with mass skills, and a full-fledged attacking class with the ability to attack in melee and ranged combat.

You will strive to complete the storyline and begin to accumulate power points, which determine the combat power of your character.

The gaming system will adjust your drop based on the strength that you already have. This means that having a strength of 200, which is exactly how much you will have thanks to quests and the storyline, you will complete quests, hunt and go on strikes to receive items and weapons 30 better than your current one.

This means that you need to immediately equip everything that increases your strength level in order to constantly progress in hero strength, regardless of the game class.

Try to complete nightfall level strikes and mythical difficulty raids, which are designed for three and nine players and where you can get unique equipment of Mythic and Legendary quality with a high power indicator and strive to reach the 305 power level and go to the planet Neptune, where Saint 13 awaits you and continuation of the storyline while other updates are in development or being reworked.

You will have three slots for game characters, so you can always choose one game class, try them all and at the same time study the storyline once again.

You will not only get acquainted with the main skills, but also master one of the subclasses to choose from.

It so happened that each class is more suitable for a certain subclass, but the new stand suits everyone, and now you need to make a choice.

  • The tank can choose lightning for massive damage when using a shield and fists, or the bleed effect from a stand.
  • The warlock can choose the power of the void to increase AoE damage and attack with shrapnel over a general area if choosing a stand.
  • The Hunter can concentrate his damage using the power of the sun, or choose interchangeable melee and ranged weapons from the Stand subclass.
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