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Top 5 Best Controllers To Play SNES Games

snes game

The SNES home video game console which was released in 1990 has been a favourite among all. With slowing in the advancement of technology, the gamers wanted to be able to these games on their PC, which led to the production of numerous controllers for the best experience among all. Since the SNES was a massive success, with the controllers that were introduced over time, one can re-live their teenage days with controllers having the best of features and smooth buttons that give an edge over others. With this being said, let’s look at some of the top controllers for playing the SNES games.

snes game

Now these SNES games can be played on the PC with snes roms and have made it convenient for the users as they have to hit their pc or laptop or even their phones and start playing the games anytime. This has made gaming easier than ever before.

1. Buffalo Classic USB Controller

This controller is a must-have for every gamer out there. Its features are good, and the design is on-point. One could have the best experience of gaming with this. It has eight buttons and four navigation buttons, the plug-and-play operation makes it very easy and also you can easily connect it to your PC using the USB PORT. With all the conveniences it provides, light-weight and windows support, it is one of the best gamepads out there. The turbo and the clear buttons present are also of great use. It is one of the easiest to connect and also play with. The lengthy USB cable makes it very easy to play without any hindrance. All in all, this is will surely give good experience and play the best of the games.

2. iNNEXT Retro SNES USB Controller Gamepad

The best thing about this controller is that you can play it on any device, be it a phone or a laptop or even a PC and also with various emulators. These features of the controller make it among the top. It can run on any operating system, and with the cord length being long enough, it will give you a good advantage to play the games smoothly. You even get two gamepads when you purchase, which is the best thing is you can have someone play along with you and have more fun. It has six buttons and four navigation buttons and the design will rightly fit in your hand, and you can have smooth gaming with this.

3. Kiwitat√° SNES USB Super Classic Gamepad

This controller is perfect for games like Mortal Combat and Street Fighter. It again has all the features of the above, which again makes it one of the best controllers for SNES games. It has a simple design with the colours having a lighter shade, and there are six buttons with four navigation keys. It can be played on any operating system, which makes it very flexible. The keys work perfectly fine, and it is a great fit for those who would want to have good and smooth gaming experience.

You can play some of the classic games like Super Mario Kart, Mortal Kombat 2 and have an authentic retro feeling. You can use this controller on a Raspberry Pi of any versions. It is loaded with some of the best stuff that can make any gamer go crazy playing the games. Due to these features, this controller has made it among the top pick among the users.

DualShock wireless controller

This controller works best for both 2D and 3D with the buttons and analogue sticks. It is good for retro gaming where every feature has been improved than before. You can get a nice feel while playing the game and also one of the best controllers for the SNES games. Since it works on every platform and also it is wireless, which makes it better than the rest, making it the most convenient and the top controller.

The built-in rechargeable batteries and motion sensors are some of the features that make it all worth-while. If you’re a fan of the retro games, this would be a very good upgrade and enhance your gaming experience.

4. Dotop Super Nintendo Classic Controller for PC

With this, you can get the most original and smooth gaming experience taking you back to the olden days. It is a plug and play model and works best on any device. It works on any version of Windows and also Mac OS. It again provides you with the best gaming experience and with better performance and features, you can play games with this in a better manner. The buttons are super sensitive so that you can control them well while gaming.

 If you truly want to re-live the past, then this controller is the best which gives your everything that you need for smooth gaming. It is gamers pick among many other controllers and has lived true to what it offers to every real gamer or SNES fan out there.            


One needs to have the best controllers to enjoy the game until the end without which it will not be worth even if the games are intriguing. Small minute problems in the controllers can cause discomfort which was present at the beginning of the controllers. Still, over time with all the feedbacks, the companies have come up with some of the best controllers ever where one can never get a chance to complain about any of its aspects.

All the controllers mentioned above are highly rated by most of the gamers, and you can truly rely on it. The features provided are immeasurable, and one can live the gamer’s dream of playing these games smoothly with the best device. The performance, the design, the compatibility that is enhanced give the hardcore fans a good experience throughout the end. This improves in technology has given the gamers and is giving the gamers the best experience ever.

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