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let it ride movie

Movies To Lean Into Before Kentucky Derby 2024

We can almost smell the Kentucky Derby as the big day approaches. It smells like horses, action, and expensive perfumes.

This is one of the most awaited racing days for every horse racing enthusiast just because most people consider the Kentucky Derby to be one of the biggest events in the world that attracts only the fastest horses in the world.

And who wouldn’t want to see some champions?

However, we still have to wait a couple of weeks before we can jump into the action. Even if it doesn’t seem like much, it’s like a lifetime for all the horse racing enthusiasts that await the close action.

The Kentucky Derby is a whole different experience. There is nothing better than watching the race, waiting for the results from the Kentucky Derby just to see if you’ve won your bet.

But here is an idea. Why don’t you lean into movies about horse racing and the Kentucky Derby, that might fuel your adrenaline up until the race? Horse racing movies are a great way to witness the action from a different angle and learn more about the history of the sport. There are many incredible stories that are hardly believable, and most of them are highlighted in movies.

So, let’s jump on the action and find out which are the best horse racing movies to watch as a warm-up before the Kentucky Derby.

“Seabiscuit” (2003)

First on our list, is a big one. It is a true story about a horse that managed to go against all odds and trot to the top of the leaderboards becoming a symbol of hope during the Great Depression. This movie is directed by Gary Ross and highlights the incredible journey of Seabiscuit.

You might have heard that name before. It’s an interesting name and an interesting horse.

Seabiscuit managed to go from underdog to a champion capturing the hearts and determination that define the Kentucky Derby spirit.

Apart from sharing a good story, the movie is incredibly well made, and it features great actors with stunning performances like Tobey Maguire, Jeff Bridges, and Chris Cooper. If you want to be inspired before the Kentucky Derby, this is the movie to watch.

You’ll definitely place a bet on an underdog horse after watching the Seabiscuit.  

“Secretariat” (2010)

The Secretariat is a similar story to the Seabiscuit but has a lot more shocking factors. First of all, we are talking about a horse that managed to set record-breaking times in Triple Crown races that still remained unbeaten.

Can you imagine a horse winning the Triple Crown in 1973 that even after modern breeding practices, and improved training horse owners still cannot manage to create a horse that is just as fast? It’s pretty incredible.

This movie is directed by Randall Wallace and showcases the bond between the Secretariat and its owner, Penny Chenery (Diane Lane).

The Secretariat paints the perfect picture of the thrill of racing and also shares a lot of behind-the-scenes drama and challenges that often people involved in the sport witness. With powerful narrative, incredible scenes, and feel-good emotions at the end, it might be the perfect way for you to get inspired before the Kentucky Derby.

“Let It Ride” (1989)

Just because betting is obviously a big thing for the Kentucky Derby, let’s include a film that will ignite your inner handicapper. The Kentucky Derby is one of the most wagered-on races in the world. The total wagering on the Kentucky Derby Week races broke $400 million in 2023, which shows that people love to bet on this event.

Well, Let It Ride is the right movie when we are talking about bets. It paints the perfect picture of the ups and downs of betting on the races. It is directed by Joe Pytka with the main star of the action Richard Dreyfuss. 

The film follows a day in the life of a compulsive gambler who experiences a winning streak at the racetrack. It is quite fun and combines comedy and betting, which are two things that don’t go always together.

“The Black Stallion” (1979)

“The Black Stallion” is a timeless option for those who are in the mood for a traditional story of adventure and camaraderie. This Carroll Ballard-directed movie tells the tale of a little boy named Alec who, after surviving a shipwreck, makes friends with a wild Arabian steed. 

They set out on a voyage of bravery, faith, and racing glory together. “The Black Stallion” is a cinematic classic that captures the spirit of horse racing and the exhilaration of competition with breathtaking cinematography that highlights the beauty of the stallion and the relationship between humans and horses.

“Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story” (2005)

“Dreamer” blends family drama with the world of horse racing to tell a touching and uplifting story. John Gatins is the director of this picture, which stars Dakota Fanning as Cale Crane, a young child who develops a strong bond with Sonador, an injured racehorse.

They set out on an adventure to rehabilitate Sonador and overcome the obstacles in the racing world with her father, Kurt Russell. “Dreamer” is a film that beautifully conveys the wonder of believing in second chances and the link between humans and horses. It is full of heartwarming moments and thrilling race sequences. 

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