Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions to Release Holiday 2014

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In a slightly jaw-dropping moment from Gamescom today, Activision announced it’s bringing back the Sierra games label, and that Sierra is working on Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions. Yes, a new version of the triangle-blasting game is on its way.

In case that didn’t get you pumped enough, Sierra plans to release Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions later this year. Sweet mother of all that’s good and pure, that’s outstanding news.

The first Geometry Wars got its start as a little diversion in Project Gotham Racing 2 for Xbox. Available from an in-game arcade machine, the “diversion” quickly evolved into a cult classic. Geometry Wars 2 launched in the subsequent game and as a stand-alone title. Since then, all has been quiet.

But today at Gamescom Sierra blew the lid off the room by announcing Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions. It will be the studio’s first new title under the resurrected Sierra label. Its next game will be King’s Quest, which is scheduled to release in 2015.

Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions is “an exciting new evolution” of the fast-paced Geometry Wars gameplay fans have loved for years. Several features indicate how it’s evolved, but the biggest change will be the game going from a strictly 2D affair to a full 3D game.

The game will support both cooperative and competitive multiplayer for the first time in the franchise. Its full single-player campaign will include 50 unique challenges and more than 10 battle modes, five of which are new to the series. Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions will also support dynamic and persistent progression, offering players a new experience each time they play.

Although Geometry Wars has traditionally been an Xbox exclusive, Sierra said Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions will come to “more platforms than ever before.” That probably doesn’t mean just Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC and Windows Phone, folks. A PlayStation 4 and/or PS3 version are also likely in the works. With Activision behind the project, a Wii U version could also see the light of day.

But today, Sierra wasn’t spilling the beans about platform specifics. Instead, they’re letting us know that Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions will release this holiday. And really, that’s all we need to know right now anyway.

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