Forza Horizon 2 Freezing Bug Tied to Xbox One October Update

Forza Horizon 2

Xbox One owners now have their second exclusive racing game, Forza Horizon 2, which shipped to stores Sept. 30. It now appears that the showstopping exclusive has also stopped Xbox One consoles themselves. Many Xbox One owners are reporting Forza Horizon 2 freezing issues. The Forza Horizon 2 bug seems to be limited to early adopters of the Xbox One October system update. Although that's a small subset of Xbox One owners, watching Forza Horizon 2 freezing up would be disheartening for anyone. According to forum … [Read more...]

PlayStation Plus Subscription Price Increase Regional – For Now

PS4 interface

PlayStation Plus subscribers browsing the PSN store in certain regions have suddenly found it much more expensive to do so. Sony today has begun implementing a PlayStation Plus subscription price increase of up to 50% in select areas. The PlayStation Plus subscription price increase has only affected South Africa, Turkey, Russia and Ukraine. It does not appear that the PSN price increase will make its way to the EU or North America, though sometimes trial balloons like this end up being more than adjustments to meet … [Read more...]

Xbox 360 Games with Gold October 2014 Games: Battlefield and Darksiders

Xbox 360

Microsoft today launched two new Xbox 360 Games with Gold October 2014 games, and for the first time in months, they're both impressive. The first of the Xbox 360 Games with Gold October 2014 games is Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Later in the month the second of the Xbox 360 Games with Gold October 2014 games will launch: Darksiders 2. As the first of the Xbox 360 Games with Gold October 2014 games, Battlefield 2: Bad Company has set the bar high for Xbox 360 owners. The original Bad Company was the first time EA took … [Read more...]

Xbox One Games With Gold October 2014: One New Free Game

Xbox One

It's the first of the month, which means Microsoft has launched its Xbox One Games with Gold October 2014 program. As it has for the past three months, the company has offered just one new free game with for Xbox One Games with Gold October 2014 program. Although there are technically two free Xbox One games in October for Xbox Live Gold members, only one of them is new. Called "Chariot," the game is billed as a "couch co-op platformer" that sounds pretty fun. Xbox 360 owners get two new games this month through … [Read more...]

Huge Battlefield 4 Fall Update is Now Live

Battlefield 4 BF4

Battlefield 4 launched with a bevy of issues that EA and DICE have been chipping away at solving since the game's release. The latest round of updates has released in one fell swoop today, as DICE announced its massive Battlefield 4 Fall Update has gone live. The Battlefield 4 Fall Update affects all versions of the game: PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. There's no denying DICE has thrown a bunch of resources into this fall update. The developer had to split its forum post into several different posts just to … [Read more...]

Peggle 2 PS4 Version to Release Oct. 14

Peggle 2

The wait is almost over for a Peggle 2 PS4 version. EA and PopCap Games have announced that Peggle 2 PS4 will release for Sony's next-gen console on Oct. 14. The Peggle 2 PS4 release will break the game's exclusive ties to the Xbox One and Xbox 360 console platforms. Peggle 2 debuted on Xbox One in April, with the Xbox 360 version following in May. Peggle 2 PS4 will include the core game but does not appear to include the DLC that has already been released on Xbox One and Xbox 360. That content will presumably be … [Read more...]

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round to Release on PS4, Xbox One in Spring

PS4 vs. Xbox One

The fighting-game genre is a bit thin with the PS4 and Xbox One nearing their first anniversary. Team Ninja, creators of the Dead or Alive franchise, have announced their attempt to change that. Dead or Alive 5 Last Round will be the first DOA game to appear on the next-gen consoles. Although it didn't divulge a specific Dead or Alive 5 Last Round release date, Team Ninja did say Dead or Alive 5 Last Round would ship for the next-gen consoles in Spring 2015. The game won't be exclusive to PS4 and Xbox One, as … [Read more...]

Thrustmaster Ships First Force Feedback Wheel for PS4

PS4 DualShock 4 controller

Ready to get your hands on DriveClub, a PS4 racing game that's part of the PlayStation Plus October 2014 free games lineup? How about really getting your hands on it -- and your feet? Thrustmaster has shipped the first force feedback wheel for PS4, the T300 RS, just in time for PS4 owners to race around the world of DriveClub with their friends. The force feedback wheel for PS4 also supports other racing games, including Ubisoft's The Crew, which is now in beta. Getting your hands on the PS4 force feedback wheel … [Read more...]

What’s Included in Destiny Patch 1.0.2?

Destiny screenshot

Destiny has been called by some as "just a Halo clone," while others say it's much more. Either way, it's undeniable that Destiny thrives in the multiplayer setting, which means Bungie needs to make some tweaks as time goes by to balance and fine-tune the game's performance. The next batch of tweaks come this week in the form of an official Destiny patch. What's included in Destiny patch 1.0.2 doesn't seem too major on the surface, but the minor updates will keep the game balanced. In some cases, the updates seem … [Read more...]

Full Forza Horizon 2 Car List Official: 210 Cars at Launch

Forza Horizon 2

Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios have made the full Forza Horizon 2 car list official with one day to go before the Xbox One game races into stores. All 210 vehicles on this official car list will be available upon the game's launch tomorrow. That's not to say they'll be immediately unlocked. Most of the vehicles on the Forza Horizon 2 car list will need to be unlocked either by winning races, "buying" them using in-game winnings or things of that nature. All of the cars on the Forza Horizon 2 car list have been … [Read more...]