Dragons in Destiny? Official Launch Video Indicates So

Dragons in Destiny

Since the Destiny beta concluded I've been counting the reasons Bungie's new franchise is going to rule my life from Sept. 9 onward. Now I've got one more: there are apparently dragons in Destiny. Since slaying my first winged beast in Oblivion I've been seeking new ways to dissect dragons. Based on the new Destiny launch trailer we'll all have tha chance in Bungie's upcoming sci-fi game as well. Nobody from Bungie or Activision has come out and confirmed that there are dragons in Destiny. However, based on the … [Read more...]

Call of Duty Ghosts Nemesis PlayStation Release Date: Sept. 4

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Sometimes things don't need a press release to be considered news. For instance, when Infinity Ward confirms via Twitter that the Call of Duty Ghosts Nemesis PlayStation release date is Sept. 4. PS4 and PS3 owners now have less than two weeks to wait before getting their hands on the final COD: Ghosts DLC pack. The Call of Duty: Ghosts Nemesis add-on pack made its debut on Xbox One and Xbox 360 on Aug. 5. The Nemesis PlayStation release date being Sept. 4 follows the tried-and-true model of Xbox platforms getting a … [Read more...]

Warframe PS4 Update 14 Adds Pets. Seriously.


The free-to-play scene has a whole bunch of fans, but we didn't expect to see those same fans clamoring to breed digital animals. Apparently that's the case, though, as Warframe PS4 Update 14 has added the ability to create custom Kubrows. A new Quest in the Warframe PS4 Update 14 unlocks a Genetic Foundry, which is used to breed biological specimens on your ship. Using the Foundry, players can collect a Kubrow egg and incubate it, experimenting with different Kubrow personality types to gain different combat and … [Read more...]

The Evil Within Season Pass and DLC Details

The Evil Within

When The Evil Within release date rolls around Oct. 14, gamers will be able to extend their frightful experience with The Evil Within Season Pass. Bethesda Softworks is following the lead of many game publishers in offering the $19.99 Season Pass as a way for gamers to commit early to buying downloadable content. Bethesda took the unusual (but great) step of unveiling both The Evil Within Season Pass and DLC packs that will be associated with it. It's always nice to learn what's coming, particularly in the … [Read more...]

Evolve Beta Xbox One Exclusive, Release Date in January

Evolve Xbox One

The Xbox One may be lagging behind PS4 in sales, but Microsoft is getting some nice exclusives to try to reverse that trend. One such example is the Evolve beta, which will be exclusive to Xbox One. The specific Evolve beta release date is still unknown, though 2K said it will hit Xbox One in January. Microsoft originally announced the Evolve beta would be exclusive to Xbox One at E3. The company did not divulge the beta's release date. Hearing that it'll hit in January 2015 is great news for Xbox One owners, as … [Read more...]

Xbox One Pre-Loading Option Now Live with Madden NFL 15

Madden NFL 15

Microsoft at Gamescom announced it would enable Xbox One pre-loading this fall. It turns out the company has one-upped itself, as pre-loading is already available today for Madden NFL 15. Madden NFL 15 doesn't launch until next week. Those who pre-ordered the game now have the option to download the full game in advance. They will then be able to play it immediately upon the game's release at midnight on Aug. 26. The option to use Xbox One pre-loading for Madden NFL 15 obviously has no impact on those who ordered … [Read more...]

New Dying Light Gameplay Trailer from Gamescom

Dying Light

Fresh off the undead streets of Germany, Techland has released a new Dying Light gameplay trailer. The video, which you can watch below, shows a much wider array of open-world environments than we've seen previously. Dying Light is an open-world zombie slasher that even one year ago looked like a must-have title. With the Dying Light release date not scheduled until February 2015, it's frightening to think just how much more polished the game will get in the months to come. This new Dying Light gameplay trailer … [Read more...]

The Last of Us Remastered Multiplayer Matchmaking Addressed by Naughty Dog

The Last of Us Remastered PS4

Naughty Dog knows all too well about the issues with The Last of Us Remastered multiplayer matchmaking. The developer knows the multiplayer is not working at times, both because they play the game themselves and because they listen to their most ardent fans. The company today officially addressed the problems and shed light on a possible fix. The developers today said working on The Last of Us Remastered multiplayer matchmaking is "our number one priority." In a statement, the company acknowledged that while … [Read more...]

‘In Space We Brawl’ Beat-em-Up Exclusive to PS4, PS3


Amid all the love for classic games like Pac-Man, Asteroids, Spy Hunter and Rampage, one of the most beloved genres from the arcade era was the beat-em-up. Games like Double Dragon, Bad Dudes and the like ruled the roost. An upcoming PS4 and PS3 game, In Space We Brawl, hopes to rekindle that among a new generation. In Space We Brawl will be exclusive to the PS4 and PS3. The developer, Forge Reply, did not divulge a specific release date, but did say the game was coming "soon" to both systems. In Space We Brawl … [Read more...]

Xbox One August Update Rolling Out Now

Xbox One

If you've been refreshing your Xbox One settings to see if the Xbox One August update has hit your console, Microsoft's "Major Nelson" has some info you'll be pleased to hear. The Xbox One August Update is now rolling out to all owners of the next-gen console. If your unit hasn't been hit yet, it will be soon. Previously the Xbox One August Update had only been made available to participants in Microsoft's Preview program. Xbox One updates often take place earlier in the month rather than later, leading some hopeful … [Read more...]