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Computer chair

How to Choose a Computer Chair?

Office chairs and computer chairs have become part of our life. Today, when most of us choose sedentary work in front of a PC monitor as our main activity, this type of furniture has gained enormous importance. Modern man spends in a sitting position at least 10 hours a day. At the same time, an uncomfortable posture during work increases the load on the back by 40%, which over time leads to various pains and spasms, circulatory disorders and other unpleasant surprises. Productivity decreases, mood worsens.

Therefore, the choice of comfortable chairs is an important task for any person, company manager or HR manager. This is the key to good health and productivity!

There is a large selection of models on the market, which are not always easy to understand right away. There are hundreds of chairs in the catalog of furniture companies – from simple to super-tech at radically different prices.

An office chair should be distinguished not only by comfort and ease of use, but also by reliability, high quality workmanship and practicality. After all, solid office furniture, such as presented in Nyfurnitureoutlets, is a sign of the seriousness and profitability of the company, as well as the status of its management. However, chairs and armchairs are chosen not only for offices, but also for home offices, gaming rooms, as well as for equipping the workplace of students who also spend a lot of time at a computer or desk and want to use high-quality furniture.

Width and depth

Sizes are easiest to take into account in practice, just try the item you like in action – sit in it. Another question: how to choose a computer chair on the Internet. Consider these tips.

    According to the width of the backrest and seat, all structures can be divided into narrow (up to 55 cm), medium – from 55 cm to 60 cm and wide – from 60 cm. To find your own, measure the half-girth of the hips, it will be equal to the width of the seat.

    The products are also shallow in depth – up to 60 cm, medium – from 60 cm to 70 cm and deep – from 70 cm. The depth of the seat should be two-thirds of the length of the thigh. Sitting deeper is undesirable, since it is this position that is considered optimal for the load on the back.

    To calculate the depth, simply measure from the kneecap to about the middle of the buttock.

Please note that executive chairs are initially supposed to be slightly wider and deeper than ordinary ones. So that you have the opportunity to sit back and stretch your legs. If the model you like comes with hard wheels and the floor is hard, you can lay a small rug under it.


Computer chairs are versatile. They are characterized by maximum comfort and mobility. Such chairs not only move easily around the office, but also rotate around their axis. Staff can relax and feel comfy in such chairs during rest time, watching movies, listening to music and having a good conversation.

The concept of ergonomics includes everything that makes furniture pleasant to use – various mechanisms for adjusting the height, swinging and the presence of additional parts. For example, a headrest will relieve the load on the cervical spine and add comfort during long monotonous work. And the roller under the thighs will ensure the correct position of the body.

Orthopedic or ergonomic. This is the first and, perhaps, the most important thing when choosing a work / computer chair. The back begins to ache due to the fact that we began to spend more time at the computer than in sleep, and our body is not designed for this. To reduce the load on the spine, you need to choose not just a chair where you sit down and start working, but a chair where your spine will take the correct shape. The task of the orthopedic chair is to adapt to the structure of the spine as correctly as possible. This is influenced by a bunch of factors: weight, height, arm length and other anatomical features.

Types of body position adjustment

    Mechanisms. The main mechanisms of the office chair are height adjustment functions. Seats and backrest reclines help maintain correct posture and balance. Modern models of office chairs are equipped with a synchromechanism, which makes it possible to simultaneously adjust the angle of inclination of the back and seat. Another useful feature of the chair is the rocking mechanism, which allows you to sway relaxed in the chair, which is achieved thanks to an automatically adjusted coefficient of elasticity, taking into account the weight of the person sitting in the chair.

    Piastra is the simplest mechanism for adjusting the height. It is enough to press the valve under the seat. Installed in budget models.

    The spring-screw type is responsible for the height and angle of the backrest.

    The top gun allows you to tilt the chair almost to a reclining position. But it is found in expensive series.

Ergonomic chairs are produced with two types of systems: multiblock and synchronous. They allow you to take into account the individual characteristics of the seated person and adapt to their shape.

Tips for choosing a child seat

Today, more than half of children have postural disorders, including those due to improper sitting posture. We will tell you how to choose a child computer chair for a student.

    An orthopedic curved backrest up to the shoulder blades is a guarantee of good posture.

    Unlike furniture for an adult, it is preferable for a teenager to buy a product without armrests. Then they will not have a chance to lean on the pen while writing, and they will keep their back straight.

    The leg bend when sitting should be about 90 degrees. For convenience, choose adjustable models, so it will be easier to increase the height as the child grows. As a last resort, you can use a footrest.

    The ergonomic shape of the seat is also important. It is designed in such a way that children cannot sit on the edge, they are forced to sit down completely, resting on the back. This ensures the correct posture.

    Sitting in an orthopedic chair for a long time is quite difficult, especially for children. After a short time, the child will want to relax and, most likely, they will begin to sway. Therefore, we recommend that you take a closer look at products with a swing mechanism, otherwise the baby will simply break the structure with constant vibrations over time.

How to choose a gaming computer chair

Gamers, especially professional ones, know how important comfort and convenience during the game are. A special gaming chair will help to provide them properly.

The main difference is design. As a rule, these are futuristic models that resemble the seat of a car or an airplane. They are made of dark leather or a substitute with bright accents.

    For home use, a chair is usually chosen based on its structural characteristics and design, counting primarily on the fact that such furniture, with all its functionality, will successfully fit into the interior of the room.

    Currently, a huge selection of such furniture in different price categories is presented in the catalogs of furniture stores. For many, this means a real problem. The answer is material. Natural or artificial leather, corduroy, acrylic, eco-leather or textiles are used as upholstery. As a rule, office furniture upholstery is made of high quality wear-resistant fabrics.

If you are not a professional designer, it is enough to know just a few current styles – minimalism, hi-tech, modern – and choose an armchair in accordance with them. It is worth paying attention to the temperature regime in the room, the presence of animals and other external factors – they will affect the choice of upholstery.

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