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pc console

A few PC and Console Settings for Apex Legends

Passionate gamers would have heard the name Apex Legends, a game that is filled with adventure and fun. It took dynamic movement and also changed the definition of shooting from Respwan’s underestimated TitanFall series. These changes and unique features led it to become widely popular among gamers. The battle Royal Titles have had significant momentum in terms of a surge of players. They could have competed with Fortnight for a while. 

Even with the ups and downs for the game, it has a loyal fanbase that continues helping the game grow and flourish. With their new seasons rolling in, it’s a good time as ever to get back to playing this legend.

pc console

For those who are giving their shot at the game or those who need a good refresher – we bring a guide on the best settings for PC and console for the game Apex Legends

A few Console settings for the Apex Legend 

The settings shown are mainly for Xbox or PlayStation 4 users. The settings would help you move around better during the game. Giving you ample feedback and making the movement of your game more accessible. As a gamer, that is all, and you want to have the best experience and have a hassle-free game. To make this simple for you and consume less time so you can get on with your game, we have a few settings you can change to make you love playing even more. 

Button Layout and the console buttons 

The button layout is the setting to control their movements in the game with the console’s buttons. Go to the Button layout in settings, and bind your actions in the game to buttons on the console. For example, in the setting, you connect a specific action like rolling to a button on the console. You would be able to apply that setting and not remove your thumb to play the move. This setting makes the movements relaxed in the game, and as a player, you won’t be confused with your actions. Also, it contributes to saving time while playing. 

The default setting for Stick Layout 

Going for a default setting in the stick layout for Apex Legend is the most popular setting for the console. This control scheme is best used for single-player shooters and therefore known as the most reliable setting for stick layout. Hence we suggest that you use this setting and alter specific input and opt for personalized preference. 

To make your aim as a shooter swiffer 

As a shooter in the game, the main action required is to aim, and hence you need to make your settings suitable for the same. Thus under the option movement and aiming, you choose to experiment with the sensitivity setting. Most players opt for regular sensitivity, and it is good. Still, it’s also lovely to research and understand what suits you best. As for aiming, it’s best to consider holding setting, and this would help navigate hip firing and down sights aiming. It would also make aiming quicker and faster for you. 

Under this setting to garner more accuracy, we suggest to switch off the vibration. This setting would help in terms of distraction and efficiency in terms of damage in the game. 

A few PC settings for Apex Legend 

When it comes to PC settings, we concentrate more on the visual and performance settings. The movement and aiming are essential, but the game is connected to a PC. Hence, the graphics and other external settings need to be looked at. So let’s try and see some of the parameters that are suitable for the game Apex Legend on the PC. 

Mouse settings for the best benefits 

Dots per inch 

Typically the DPI used by most players is 400 or 800. This DPI setting helps with quick movements and showcases control on performance as well as covers long distances. One can choose anywhere between 400 to 800 as it gives the best results and provides an experience like none other. 


When playing with the mouse, it’s essential as the game Apex Legend is very fast-paced. Therefore you need a mouse with a sensitivity level of 2.5 that would make your movements quick and smooth like butter. 

Acceleration, Invert, and lighting settings. 

As mentioned earlier, the game is fast-paced. You would naturally think that it is best to have maximum acceleration for the mouse. But, this is a bad idea because more acceleration would disturb the playstyle, and would not keep it consistent. 

When it comes to the inverting setting, it is your choice and customized as per your gaming style. 

Lighting as well is up to you, but as a real gamer, you would keep them on as how would a game be truly complete without a bit of dazzle. 

Graphic settings for PC 

Refresh Rate

It is best to have a rate between 144 Hz and 240 Hz, which would help with the virtual disparity present in the game. By altering it to your liking, you are sure to have a more exceptional experience. This setting would further enhance the virtual experience of your game and make it fun and more exciting. 

Mode of Display 

Display of the game is essential, and if you don’t like the border covering the game on the PC, all you need to do is set the display to Borderless Window. This setting would also help achieve to match the resolution of the monitor. 

Aspect and Resolution 

To optimize your setup, it is advisable to set both of them to Native. 

Field View

To gain a larger peripheral view, set the Field view to 110; this is higher to regular shooters and hence provides an advantage to you in your game. 


For less input lagging and uncapped frame rate in the game, disable the V-sync. It would provide a smooth display and a seamless gaming experience. 

Final thoughts 

There are several other settings options for both console and PC. Here we have given you a few settings that would help you start and experience like none other. But, do check out different settings and experiment on your own to see what fits you best. 

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