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Puro Sound Headphones Offer First Studio-Grade Bluetooth for Kids


Jan 12, 2015
Puro Sound Bluetooth headphones

Fresh off of CES, a new set of Puro Sound headphones has surfaced that claims to be the first kids-focused model with studio-quality sound. The company’s headphones have a contemporary design that may entice some parents as well, though their built-in volume optimization is designed with younger audiophiles in mind.

The new Puro Sound headphones mark the company’s debut in what it says will be a long line of products that balance quality and low price. Still, the headphones’ $79.99 price tag may be great for grown-ups but a bit steep for a kid-focused product.

The Puro Sound Labs BT2200 are Bluetooth headphones created specifically for kids and designed with the health and safety of a child as a priority. They will be the first ever and only studio-grade Bluetooth headphones on the market made especially for kids with volume limiting ear protection. Volume levels over 85 decibels (dB) have been known to cause hearing loss over time. Their unique headphone design protects children’s ears, while delivering studio-grade sound. With hearing health and education in mind, Puro Sound has committed to donating a portion of every sale of all Puro Sound products through 2015 to the Hearing Health Foundation.

“Noise-induced hearing loss is 100% preventable; however prolonged exposure to sounds that are 85 decibels (dB) or above, such as loud music, is often the culprit,” said Claire Schultz, CEO, Hearing Health Foundation. “By placing an 85 dB volume limit on their headphones, Puro Sound is taking significant strides towards protecting children’s hearing against premature hearing loss.”

Puro Sound Labs headphones are designed with a unique frequency response curve called Puro Balanced Response. This curve is designed to re-create the natural sound produced in a perfectly tuned listening room but in a headphone.

A soft cushioning material and durable lightweight aluminum help to make the headphones comfortable for young ears while standing up to everyday use. The design also attenuates more than 82% of ambient noise, eliminating a need for higher volume limits.

Puro Sound has also developed the Puro Sound Equalizer App, an iOS 16-band EQ application that allows headphones to be customized to the listener’s sound and genre preferences. A version of the app for Android devices will be available after sometime during early 2015.

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