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Sims Freeplay Cheats Unlimited Money (Tested & 100% Working)

You could be looking for cheats and hacks for SIMS free play. Let us assure you that you have arrived at the best place and will not be required to do anything else. In this article, we’ll go through all of the SIMS Freeplay tricks and hacks. These hacks make the game easier to play and help you win big. SIMS is a unique game where strategy is the key. Even with the best techniques, the odds are piled up for you. 

About Sims FreePlay 

SIMS free play

SimsFreePlay is a great life simulation game where you can build your community and organize it. The game has many great features, such as high-quality graphics, hilarious costumes, and realistic game elements. 

In this game, to get Mega XP, you need to meet basic requirements such as hangers, fans, bubbles, etc., to satisfy and satisfy your sim. You can increase your income by expanding your garden and facilitating the cultivation and sale of different types of fruits and vegetables. 

Here are a few of the methods by which you can make your gameplay more successful and fun:

Get Simoleon Faster 

Simoleon is an in-game currency that can purchase a variety of valuable items. You can earn it quickly by completing various tasks in the game, but it will slow down your progress. Here’s how to get more Simoleons faster:

Follow the steps outlined below to make sure you need to achieve it. 

Join the in-game boat party first.

Step 2: Leave the boat after logging in and return to retrieve the NBR. They may be found in the vicinity of Simoleon.

Step 3: Next, locate an empty lot or home.

Step 4: Finally, go to the shop and select the NBR Image tab.

Step 5: Choose things that are available for purchase in the store. Your nearest neighbors set the amount.

Step 6: Buy in quantity and install the items on the property (house or an empty lot). Step 7: Collect all objects and enter them into your inventory.

Step 8: Use the sims to log out of Facebook.

Step 9: Finally, go to the property and sell the items, and it will give you enough amount of Simoleons immediately.

Earn Unlimited LP And Money Easily

Making money with The Sims FreePlay is not easy. Here are two easy ways to make money in the game. Follow the instructions for each approach. 


A must-see is the Children’s Store.

Choose the Toddler option.

Check out the swings and sandpit.

Then decide on the stacks.

Now go back to your Sims’ house.

All of them should be sold.


A must-see is the Children’s Store.

Choose the pre-teen age group.

Discover the karate mat and the record player.

Click on the stacks to select them.

Now go back to your Sims’ house.

All of them should be sold.

Sims Freeplay Cheats For Time

In the Sims Freeplay game, the most annoying aspect is the passage of time. Because it operates in real-time, the game makes you wait much too long for practically everything. As a result, you must be aware of the Sims Freeplay time tricks. Let’s take a closer look.


You can begin any work in the game, such as building, cooking, or gardening.

Now save and exit the game.

Turn off the Internet after that (Mobile Data or WiFi).

Then, on your device (Android/iPhone/iPad), forward the time to the point when you expect the task to be completed.

Restart the game and wait for the ‘Unable to connect message to appear.

Retry after turning on your Internet connection.

Wait for the game to load.


Turn off ‘Automatic Date & Time’ in your device’s Settings (Android/iPhone/iPad).

Now you may start any assignment in the game.

After that, save and leave the game.

Return to the Settings and increase the time till the task is completed.

When you relaunch the game, your mission will be completed.

Manipulate Time

You may speed up the game by manipulating time. You may have observed that the game moves slowly in real-time. There are two ways to accomplish this, so we’ll go over each of them.

The first technique is discussed below.

First and foremost, you must begin any activity in your game.

The second action you must take is to save your game.

Proceed to turn off your internet.

You must now advance the device’s time to approximately when the event will be completed.

When you restart the game, you will receive a message that says “unable to connect.”

Retry after turning on the internet.

The game has now advanced to the next level.

Now I’ll go through another method:

To begin, go to your phone’s settings and disable the Automatic Date and Time feature.

Then start the game and do whatever you like.

Pause and save the game.

Go to the time setting and advance it.

Restart the game, and you’ll find that the mission has been completed.

These were the techniques for manipulating the time in this game to win.

Move-In Sims For Cheap

After moving in four Sims, you’ll need 5000 of your hard-earned cash. I’ll save you money by informing you how to add a new Sim at a cheaper fee. To learn more about it, follow these steps.

Step 1: Change the ‘Relationship status’ of the two Sims (a guy and a female) you’ve already relocated to ‘Partner.’

Step 2: Return to the other sim’s house, go to construction and sell all their rooms.

Step 3: Demolish the home next.

Step 4: You’ll be able to add a new Sim to a residence at a cheaper fee after that.

More Sims Freeplay Cheats For The Players

Place all of your Sims in one house and shake your smartphone for a few moments. Your Sims will become unwell or vomit as a result of this.

If you have a coffee machine, your Sims will no longer need to sleep. Making and drinking an espresso takes 30 to 10 seconds, and it may fill the ‘Energy’ bar by around one-third.

You may keep a ‘Turbo snack’ in the fridge to satisfy your appetite faster. It will take between 30 and 10 seconds.

Checking your email on the computer might rapidly satisfy the ‘fun’ requirement. This is the most efficient method.

Another option to satisfy the ‘fun’ requirement is to listen to the news while dancing on the stereo. You’ll have enough time to do so this way.


These cheats and hacks will assist you in achieving great success in this game Book of ra Free We hope you found the article interesting. Please let us know what you think of the above article. 

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