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OSRS Tithe Farm Guide

Tithe Farm is a rewarding Farming minigame in Old School RuneScape. If you’ve ever done Farming before, you’ll understand that there’s a lot of waiting involved. You have to wait for your saplings, herbs, and seeds to bloom – there’s nothing to do meanwhile aside from other activities.Enough OSRS Gold may make you progress faster.

Tithe Farm completely revitalises and redefines the Farming skill by providing an active training method. It’s the only way to effectively actively train Farming. Other activities such as making Sulphurous fertiliser are negligible – providing 2 Farming experience for each item created. As such, Tithe Farm is the best way to actively train Farming, alongside completing quests that reward Farming experience. At peak efficiency, you will receive around 100,000 Farming experience per hour. You can even play this minigame in between your tree & herb runs. 



The best way to reach this minigame is by using the minigame teleport system or Xeric’s Glade. Alternatively, use a Kourend teleport – a Portal Nexus will contain it. You can also relocate your house to the Hosidius house for about 9,000 gold, which is the staging city of the minigame.  If you’ve never been to Kourend before, you can speak to Veos at Port Sarim, and explore the kingdom.

Having your gear is always necessary. You’re going to need a Spade, something that’s stocked with pretty much every general store in the game. You will also need a seed dibber and multiple water cans: having eight water cans is what you’ll want.

To participate in this minigame, you will need at least level 34 Farming and will be able to plant Golovanova seeds. However, being level 54 Farming and 74 Farming are successive progression steps that allow you to use Bolgano and Logavano seeds respectively. To maximise experience, being level 74 is ideal, but this is the only real active way to train Farming regardless. 

The Tithe Farm minigame is locked behind the requirement of having 100% Hosidius favour. Favour is a system that’s used exclusively within Great Kourend, and there are 5 houses. You can view your favour status by clicking the icon within the quest log. 

Have you gained favour in another house already? If you have, it’s important that you reach 100% favour before starting to gain favour in Hosidius. You must start the Architectural Alliance miniquest, and lock in favour with House Architects (only available once you’re at 100% with that particular house). Without locking in favour, starting to gain favour in other houses will cause you to lose favour in any house you currently have standing in.

If you have the Graceful outfit, it will greatly help maintain your energy, in conjunction with stamina potions (or super energy potions). Additionally, if you’ve unlocked the Lunar spellbook by completing Dream Mentor, having Humidify is a fantastic utility spell. Humidify will allow you to refill water cans without having to visit a water source,  in exchange for 1 astral rune, 1 fire rune, and 3 water runes. However, full Graceful is far more helpful than Humidify. You will face issues with energy throughout: so it’s worth bringing as many pieces of weight-reducing gear as you can.

Walkthrough & Strategy  

To begin with, you’ll be at the Farmers House, where the purple icon is located. Pick the highest level of available seeds from the table. You’ll get a set of 100 seeds: that’s the maximum you can carry. Proceeding that, you can enter your own instance of Tithe Farm. Be cautioned that as it is an instanced area, if you drop items and leave the instance, they are permanently lost. 

Immediately, you will be confronted with many patches. You can plant your seeds absolutely anywhere unless there’s a dead plant already there. After planting your seed, you will need to water it three times, each having its own growth cycle. The total time for plant growth is around 3 minutes. If you do not water a plant prior to the end of its growth cycle: it will die, and you have wasted a seed.

The best strategy for the minigame is to take advantage of 5 patches. By the time you’ve fully planted all 5, you can navigate back to the first plant and water it just-in-time.

You will be given Gricoller’s fertiliser upon entering the minigame. However, using it will merely complicate matters, and is not recommended for absolutely any purpose. If you attempt to grow seeds in more than 5 patches, you will be unable to manage growth cycles and will have dead plants. 

Once a plant has fully grown, you need to harvest it. If you delay the harvest process, the plant will also effectively die just as if you never watered it. You must then deposit any harvested fruit in the sack at the eastern side of Tithe Farm.  For each fruit you deposit after the 74th, you will additionally gain one point you can spend within the rewards shop. If you leave Tithe farm before depositing 74 fruits, as it is instanced, your counter will start again at 0. If you want any of the rewards, you must ensure to plant 100 seeds for maximum efficiency.


The main reward from this minigame is, of course, Farming experience. At 34 Farming, you can expect roughly 30,000 XP/hr. At 54 Farming, you’re looking at around 60,000 experience per hour. And at level 74 Farming, you will receive around 100,000 experience hourly. Your current Farming level doesn’t actually play any role, it’s about your speed with the minigame and the best seed you have access to.

The best reward from the shop is the Farmer’s outfit. Wearing the full Farmer’s outfit will provide a 2.5% experience bonus for any Farming activity. Each piece itself will provide a marginal experience bonus. So for when you’re depositing fruit, switch from Graceful to the Farmer’s outfit and you’ll gain additional experience. The bonus isn’t capped to just Tithe Farm though: it’s anywhere throughout RuneScape.  With that said though: the Farmer’s outfit costs altogether 400 points, so it’s no easy feat to achieve!

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