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How Old Are Valorant Agents?

Table of content

  1. Introduction
  2. The Age Mystery
  3. Age of Valorant Agents
  4. Who Is The Youngest Agent In Valorant?
  5. Who Is The Oldest Agent in Valorant?
  6. Conclusion


While you may like battling Valorant agents nightly in quest of the Radiant rank, spending time getting to know these characters, who come from all over the world, from South Korea to Turkey, could dramatically improve your gaming experience. Armed with their distinct abilities, they are ready to defend the Earth. This detailed guide will look into the ages of all Valorant agents, providing information to help you improve your gaming. Deadlock, to improve your performance and catapult you to the next level. Join us as we discover the mysteries surrounding each agent and trek through Valorant’s intriguing lore.



The  Age Mystery

Riot Games has been open in disclosing the real names and histories of the agents in the Valorant universe, but they have purposefully opted to keep these characters’ ages a secret. Riot’s deliberate decision to keep such details hidden complicated players’ emotional connection to these characters, leading some analysts to speculate based on subtle hints scattered throughout the game all over, showing that this style adds an interesting element to the story, and enhances thought and imagination within the gaming community . Moreover, it can be interpreted as a way of shifting attention away from the age and specific abilities of the characters.

Age of Valorant Agents

Here is the list of estimated Valorant agents ages mentioned:

1. Phoenix

The fiery duelist Phoenix, real name Jamie Adeyemi, is thought to be in his late twenties and is British. Even with his naivete, his experiences in international combat suggest a maturity above his years, putting him in his mid-twenties. His encounter with his doppelgänger in Rabat reveals the existence of Omega Earth, which marks a watershed event in his redemption path.

2. Jett

Youth and adventure are personified by South Korean duelist Jett. It is unknown how old she is exactly, although it is probably in her early twenties. Han Sunwoo, also known as Jett, is a lively Radiant who, following a career in cooking, has mastered wind skills. She was wrongly charged in a Venice event that revealed Omega Earth, a parallel universe. Called a “young and fearless mercenary,” Jett’s energy and rebellious attitude betray her age. Her culinary training and knife abilities help Agent Jett, also known as Sunwoo Han, be more effective in the VALORANT protocol.

3. Viper

The American strategic controller Viper looks experienced despite her unknown age as she skillfully handles deadly materials on the battlefield. Appropriately thirty to thirty-five years old, Viper, real name Sabine Callas, is the oldest female character in the game and is well-known for her deadly creations and knowledge of chemistry. Her common past, which links her to Omen’s former persona as Ghost, becomes a significant chapter in their fates becoming entwined.

Valorant characters


4. Cypher

The Moroccan sentinel Cypher specializes in intelligence collecting and surveillance. Even although his exact age is still unknown, his calm manner suggests a seasoned professional with a lot of expertise.

Amir El Amari, better known by his stage name Cypher, is a 35–40 year old Moroccan information broker. Expert in intelligence collecting and using cutting edge surveillance technology, Cypher’s methodical approach and technological know-how point to a middle-aged man, maybe in his 40s.

5. Sova

The Russian starter, Sova, suggests a lot of experience without disclosing his age by using his tracking and reconnaissance skills to find enemies. He is positioned as one of the more experienced agents because of his skill in outdoor survival, which suggests that he is a seasoned hunter, maybe older than colleagues Jett and Phoenix. Russian by birth, Alexander Novikov gives his character a special edge by bringing to the battlefield a precision developed during years of hunting.

6. Sage

The Chinese healing sentinel Sage is able to heal her allies in a special way that betrays a depth of knowledge and maternal instincts without making her age clear. Yet her age is unknown, Ling Ying Wei, a Radiant monk with control over life energies, most likely falls between the ages of 25 and 30, yet her extraordinary abilities may indicate differently. Sage is in charge of hiring and preparing Radiant agents; her calm manner frequently clashes with Reyna’s, who also oversees the training programme, which deepens the mystery around her.

7. Brimstone

Brimstone, the respected American commander known for his strategic acumen and precision bombing abilities, radiates a deep sense of military competence, even if his precise age is unknown. He left the US under the alias Liam Byrne, changed from a firefighter to a soldier, and now he takes on a leadership position inside the Valorant Protocol, coaching less experienced operatives. After leaving Kingdom Corporation after the First Light event, Brimstone co-founded the Valorant Protocol with renowned colleagues Viper, Killjoy, and Omen with the goal of enlisting agents and averting tragedies associated with Radianite. One of the organization’s senior leaders, his worn face and long history in firefighting and Special Forces activities point to a probable age range of 45 to 50.

8. Omen

Omen, the shadow-wielding controller who outwits opponents, keeps his age a mystery, which adds to his mysterious appeal in the Valorant realm. Omen’s actual age is yet unknown despite his disjointed memories and several aliases; his deep, serious voice suggests that he is in his thirties or older. The personification of mystery, Omen’s past was unknown before Iso appeared, even his own name, a blank slate that only started to open up after he barely avoided death. His only link to his mysterious background, Viper, revealed who he was before.



9. Killjoy

Despite her unknown exact age, the creative German sentinel, well-known for her knowledge of robotics and automation, radiates a young energy and scientific brilliance. Rising to prominence as Klara Böhringer, she was named a Distinguished Inventor Award winner and, at an early age, became the head developer of Kingdom. Co-founding the Valorant Protocol, Killjoy’s creations—like the spike diffuser—averted catastrophes. Working with colleagues, she added a teleporter to her technological arsenal.

10. Reyna

Mexican duelist Reyna, her age hidden by her immortality and vampire nature, feeds on the life energy of her enemies to maintain her prowess. Although her age is estimated to be between 25 and 30 years old, her undead existence makes an exact calculation difficult. Reyna’s efforts to create a shelter helping individuals escaping Kingdom’s clutches, especially motivated by her wish to prolong her sister Lucia’s fragile life, show a sensitive side despite her seemingly aggressive demeanor. When Reyna joins the Valorant Protocol, her mission to gather souls for her sister’s benefit gives her a more nuanced personality than just a terrifying fighter.

11. Raze

Raze, the fiery Brazilian duelist, is still unknown in her actual age, but her explosive weaponry and youthful energy cause havoc on the battlefield. Real name Tayane Alves, she is a Salvador, Brazil-born woman whose colourful playstyle and engineering knowledge fit her energetic demeanour. After leading Kingdom operations out of her hometown and being invited to join the Valorant Protocol, Raze’s recklessness and demolitions experience place her probably in her early twenties, which is about the same age as her coworker Jett.

12. Breach

The Swedish strategic initiator Breach uses seismic skills to throw off opponent lines. Although his age is unknown, his tactical skill suggests that he is a seasoned fighter with a lot of experience. Known by his original name, Erik Torsten, Breach’s mature look fits with estimates that put him between thirty and thirty-five years old, and his cybernetic improvements suggest a background of hardship and battle. Breach came from a criminal family, but his life changed when he was born without arms, which allowed a judge who was sympathetic to give him a lesser sentence. Accepting his newfound independence, he got bionic arms and went back to his criminal ways until Raze improved his cybernetics. 

13. Skye

Australian initiate Skye uses the might of nature to protect friends and defeat enemies; her exact age is unknown. Known as Kirra Foster, her deep respect for the natural environment is evident. Skye can communicate with nature by her radiant powers, calling forth monsters and healing allies. Known as the “Great Reclaimer” for her battles against the Kingdom’s invasions of Eastern Australia, she is at first reluctant to leave her own country because she thinks the Kingdom will return. But Sage joins the Valorant Protocol after being convinced of global stakes.

14. Yoru

The enigmatic Japanese duelist Yoru confuses opponents by using dimensional rifts; his age is kept secret. Known by Ryo Kiritani, or just Yoru, this conceited Radiant agent, who lives in Tokyo, is probably between the ages of 25 and 30. Taking a mask from the container ports of the Kingdom allowed him to travel to other realms, a combat ability. When Yoru was recruited into the agent ranks, his tenacity and creativity were put to use stopping possible catastrophes planned by enemies of Omega Earth.


Examining the VALORANT agents’ ages enriches Riot Games’ storyline. While some agents never age, others combine youth and experience to expand the world of the game. Whether youth or wisdom is preferred, every playstyle receives representation. While official ages might surface with new agents and legends, this offers an idea of Jett, Phoenix, Viper, and other potential ages. Post your ideas on the ages of your favorite characters!

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