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How To Save Money On Your Video Game Habit

Two boys playing video games with controllers.
Two boys playing video games with controllers.

There are a couple of billion people around the world who love to play video games. Video gaming is a massive industry that generates billions of dollars every year. All of that money is coming from gamers who want to be able to experience every new game out there. The problem is, for most people, affording a video game habit is very difficult. The game developers are getting rich, but millions of dedicated gamers are having trouble making ends meet.

The easy answer to being able to afford a gaming habit is to stop gaming. While this sounds simple, the fact is that gaming can be a part of a person’s identity. It’s a lifestyle that doesn’t lead to real violence or thievery or have any affect on others. If you are one of those people for whom quitting is impossible, then here are some tips to save money on and for your video game habit.

Be Patient

It’s hard to be patient. When a new game comes out, you want to have it right away so you can experience everything that it has to offer. However, impatience is not a virtue when it comes to saving money for video games. Much like with cars, a video game is at its most expensive and valuable when it is first released. After it’s been played for a bit, the cost will go down. The longer you wait, the lower the cost will be. By adjusting your playing time window to start well after a game is officially released, you can save a lot of money while still getting that experience. The good thing is, that unlike movies and TV shows, you aren’t likely to get “spoiled” before playing.

Get Bang For Your Buck

Let’s face it. Not all games are created equal. Some are great, some aren’t, obviously. However there is also a difference in how much gaming there is to offer between titles. Some games only provide a small number of hours of possible gameplay, and that’s it. Those games often still cost exactly the same as those that offer hundreds of hours plus downloadable content, plus multiplayer. You can make your gaming experience last a lot longer by spending your money on games that give you more. The best games tend to be played for months or even years down the road. Invest in those and you will never go wrong.

Try PC Gaming

There are many ways to play video games. There are consoles, PCs, and mobile devices, for example. Consoles are closed systems. Games are made for specific consoles. If you have an XBox, you have to buy XBox games, for instance. Some games are only made for specific consoles and not others. However, most games that are now developed offer a PC version. Because of this, there is more competition with PC games, which keeps their prices low. Plus, remember about getting bang for your buck? PC games can be modded and updated, which creates more gameplay options and personalized enjoyment.

Choose an Affordable Source

You can buy physical games at stores, or you can download them directly to your computer. You can also get them as part of a subscription to your preferred game console. Some of these methods cost more than others. Buying from a store means that you are also paying for the packaging, shipping, and staffing that it takes to distribute the games. However, you can get discounted games from online providers and start playing right away. For example, you can get Capcom games from YuPlay for a fraction of what it would cost at a store.

Sell Old Games

If you do buy physical games, you can always sell your older and seldomly used games and consoles. Then you can put your new cash back into buying something new. While a game will certainly lose value over time, there is a big market for used games. In fact, you can take advantage of this market and buy used ones yourself. You may feel like you want to keep old games that you never play because of nostalgia. There are memories attached to each game. However, you won’t lose those memories if you no longer have the game, and you can create new memories with new games.

Go Mobile

If you just like playing games and aren’t too particular with the complexity and graphics of a console or PC game, then you can always go with mobile gaming. There are many different types of games to play, and many of them are free or close to it. You may have to pay to get to certain levels, or deal with watching ads, but the price will be right, for the most part. This will also give you something to do while you are waiting in line or sitting through a boring class or lecture.

As great as video gaming is, it can be a drain on the wallet. Using these tips, you can continue to feed your habit while keeping things within your budget. Go play responsibly and your credit card will thank you.

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