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The witcher

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and the Monster feathers

A gamer would have heard the name The Witcher 3. This game has become quite popular among gamers, and everyone is trying to crack its code. There are unusual weapons and armors in a wide variety for players to choose from. While trying to obtain these weapons and shields, you would have come across the term monster feathers. To gain some of the items in the game, you require this monster feather, and you would have often wondered how you obtain this monster feather. This confusion of understanding how to achieve them arises since the game doesn’t quite tell you how to achieve them, there are no clear instructions regarding the same. 

The witcher

That is where we come to your rescue; we offer a clear explanation of how and where to find these monster features in a game that has got you hooked. It can be quite frustrating not to understand how things work around in the game; do not worry; your fairy godmother is here to take you to your destination. 

What is the Monster Feather?

For those who are new to the game or want to start playing the game and came about this article, you might be wondering what exactly is this monster feather that people are fussing about. 

Well, a monster feather is known as a crafting component, which can be obtained or received when you dismantle specific parts of monsters in The Witcher 3. Now to find these parts, you play the game, and you might come across them, as the would-be dropped loot from the Griffins and Harpies in the game. The feather is a relic item with a value of 15 for the base, and if you want to purchase it, you need to pay 66 coins, and if you decide to sell it, you earn only ten coins. 

A total of five enemy parts that dropped can make you obtain the monster feathers. These are 

  1. Erynia Eye – It is the Alchemy ingredient in The Wicher 3: Wild Hunt and is a magic item that will make you obtain the monster feather once dismantled. It is also needed to create and crafts the – Enhanced rid oil and the Superior hybrid oil. Primarily found on erynias, who can found living throughout Skellige, a few live in Kaer Morhen Valley and located in North of Redgill. The Base value fo this item is 45 coins. 
  1.  Griffin Egg – An Alchemy ingredient and is not used to make or create anything. It is only used to dismantle to create the Monster egg or Monster Feather. The source of this is the Royal Griffin or Griffin, and the value it holds is the Base value of 60 coins. 
  1. Griffin Feather – Another Alchemy ingredient in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and not required to craft or make anything else. They can be used to dismantle and obtain monster feather and powdered monster tissue. The source of this is Griffin, Royal Griffin, and Opinicus, while the value it holds is that of 60 coins base value. 
  1. Harpy Egg – This item is an ALchemy ingredient just like the others and is not required for anything else. Their only purpose is to be dismantled into Monster egg and Monster feather. The source fo this item is Harpy, and the base value stands at 30 coins.
  1. Harpy Feather – Just like its counterparts, this is an alchemy ingredient that has no other purpose and is not used to create something else. It is dismantled into a monster feather. The source of this item is Harpy, and its base value is 30 coins. 

Where can these items be found?

Humanoid bird-like creatures in the game are the Harpies and Erynias and placed under the hybrid category, usually found near mountains and cliffs. While the Griffins and Royal Griffins, a combination of cat and an eagle, also fall under the hybrid category. They can be found in some of the same locations as the Harpies and Erynias. 

  • Erynias are found at Skellige, Kaer Morhen Valley and North of Redgil 
  • Harpies are found at Velen, which is near the ruin Lornruk and the Harpy feeding ground.
  • Griffins and Royal Griffins are found during “The Beast of White Orchard” at the White orchard and in the Velen, Oxenfurt, and Skellige area. 

What are the monster feathers used for?

The feathers in the Witcher 3 are used to create or craft various items for ou witchers such as gears, special witcher gear, and swords. They are also crucial ingredients in the recipes to optician items. 

Items and Crafting requirements 

  • Precision Bolt – Monster feather, Silver ingot, Steel ingot, Timber, Dark Iron ore 
  • Tracking Bolt – Monster feather, Silver ingot, Steel ingot, Timber, Monster saliva 
  • Bolt with Bait – Monster feather, Silver ingot, Steel ingot, Timber, Monster blood

Swords and Crafting requirements 

  • The longclaw – Amethyst, Dark steel ingot, Monster claw, Monster brain, Monster feather 
  • Negotiator – Cured leather, Dimeritium ingot, Diamond dust, Monster eye, Monster feather 
  • Tor’haerne – Monster feather, Monster claw, Monster blood, Meteorite silver ingot, Cured leather 
  • Beann’shie – Monter Feather, Dimeritium ingot, Monster bone, Monster brain, and sapphire. 

Witcher Gear and Swords

  • Enhanced Griffin Armor
  • Griffin Silversword (Mastercrafted)
  • Enhanced Legendary Griffin Armor
  • Griffin Steel Sword (Superior)
  • Legendary Griffin Silversword (Mastercrafted)
  • Enhanced Wolven Armor
  • Wolven Silversword (Mastercrafted)
  • Legendary Griffin Steel Sword (Superior)
  • Enhanced Legendary Wolven Armor
  • Legendary Wolven Steel Sword (Superior)
  • Wolven Steel Sword (Superior)
  • Legendary Wolven Silversword (Mastercrafted)

Final Thoughts 

The monster feather has become easier to obtain, and its time to conquer the game like never before. To all the new gamers, this guide is sure to help understand the game while to all those who were concerned about how and where to find these monster feathers you are now prepared and ready to hunt. Hunt, flip a coin, and you prepared to go. 

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