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Top 13 Most Popular And Famous Casino Games Online

Surely many of you have wondered “What are the most famous and popular casino gambling games?” In our article today, I will answer that question in great detail!

It is quite possible that some of these games are unknown to you. But, nevertheless, they are in great demand, and they are played by a huge number of people from around the world!

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This is a game that is essentially a lottery. The player is given a sheet of paper with 80 numbers. He needs to mark on it 20 numbers of his choice. The more numbers player predicted – the greater the winnings will be.


Virtually the same as Keno. Participants are given a 5 by 5 square. On it, it is necessary to fill in a certain pattern that has some kind of figure. For example, a hat, an airplane, and so on. Whoever fills in the card first has to shout Bingo. After that, his or her card is double-checked and a new round begins.


Who would have doubted that poker would be in the first place? Various tournaments with huge prizes are constantly held on it. The rules are quite simple: you need to collect the best combination of five cards. A total of ten possible combinations you will need to remember. And there are quite a few variations of poker itself too, but the rules are similar everywhere.

Pai Gow Poker

This game bears a strong resemblance to Texas Hold’em. One of the differences is that the players are not playing against each other but against the casino. Each player is dealt seven cards. Of these cards you need to put together the best combination and compare it to the combination of the dealer. Winner is determined by the highest combination.


This game is based on dice and the number seven. The rules in this game are quite complicated. But I assure you that with experience, you will become a master of the game. One more thing: do not confuse this game with what the kids on the street play. I’m talking about the game where you bet, and in the end the one who gets the most points wins. The casino version is much more complicated!

Pokies (or slots)

Very popular and addictive gambling game. The bottom line is that you need to throw a coin into the pokie, then pull the handle or press a button. The machine begins to rotate the wheels. The win depends on the random combination of symbols on the reels. Same principle applied to online pokies.


The essence of the game is that the player bets on where the ball will fall. He can bet on a specific number, or color, and so on. The more accurate the player’s choice, the bigger the score.


A rather popular and interesting game. The dealer hands two cards to himself and the player. The player with a sum of cards closer or equal to 21 wins. The game is interesting at least because there are skilled players who can “count” cards. In other words – memorize those cards that have already left the game. And, based on this, they make a guess of the upcoming card. Unfortunately, the casino does not like such people and does not allow them to visit their establishments. Which is very strange, but logically it can be easily explained. However, online casinos allow such a technic during game in online blackjack. You can find the best casino site with blackjack and other games here –

Wheel of Fortune

Players have to bet on one of the six symbols on the gaming table. After that, the croupier begins to spin the wheel, which is divided into 52 equal sectors. At the moment the wheel stops, the pointer will point to one of the sectors. Those bets that were placed on this sector win.


A very simple, but at the same time interesting game! In essence, the dealer hands each of the players two cards. Then the sum of the cards is added up. Exactly as in blackjack. Only the number 10 is subtracted from the total of the player’s points. For example, the player’s points turned out to be 14, so the final number will be 4. The winning combination is the one whose sum is greater than that of the others. The highest possible card value is 9.


This game is bribing with its simplicity, cheapness, and inescapable faith in one’s own luck. The lottery is a pure gamble, a game of chance. There are many varieties of this game, but the essence is the same. Winning depends on whether or not the numbers in the lottery ticket match those that fall in the drawing, and spoiler alert, most often they do not.

Although multi-million dollar jackpots are rare, but they do happen. For example, a couple of years ago (in 2018) in the U.S. hit a jackpot of $1.5 billion. But the biggest plus of this type of gambling is legality. The lottery is legal everywhere, even where gambling is illegal.

Betting on sports

Perhaps the most popular strategy for beating fortune can be found in sports betting. More precisely, they do not try to outplay fortune, but its loyal subjects – bookmakers. Betting is a game of chance. If you can determine the chances of a team/player better than the bookmaker, you will win money. In other cases, your money will be won by the bookmaker. The odds are presented as odds on a sporting event.

Modern bookmakers offer hundreds of lines on sporting events, so sports betting is attracting more and more people. After a few wins, players feel like experts and start playing for large sums, which is profitable for bookmakers.


An overview of the most popular gambling games in the world without the Japanese pachinko would be incomplete. Yes, in Europe and elsewhere, many people have not even heard of this game. But in Asia and Japan pachinko, in fact, one of the sources of government revenue. It is a slot machine akin to pinball. Players launch hundreds to thousands of small balls in hopes of hitting the prize box. What can I say, 4-5% of Japan’s gross national income is made by pachinko.

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